Prepare a portfolio if you plan to buy next iphone 15 pro or ProMax. According to Mark Gurman of bloombergMansana I would consider raising prices on both models. compared to its predecessors as part of a strategy to generate more revenue.

The aforementioned journalist claims that Apple expects to sell the same number of iPhone 15s as the iPhone 14, which is approximately 85 million units. This is a good indicator and shows that the company remains stable in mobile phone sales. However, rising prices for more “premium” models will lead to increased profits. This is the reason for the possible increase in the cost of the iPhone 15 Pro and the Max model.

However, Will we see a price increase for the iPhone 15 Pro in Spain? Recall that the iPhone 14 Pro is currently on sale in Spain for 1319 euros (160 euros more than the 13 Pro cost). On the other hand, the Pro Max model is available for 1469 euros (210 euros more than its predecessor). This rather significant increase in prices was due to the parity of the euro with the dollar. In fact, in the United States, current models are priced the same as last year’s. Therefore, it would not be strange to see how the prices of the iPhone 15 Pro remain in Spain, while in the US and other markets they rise.

On the other hand, Gurman points out that The base models of the iPhone 15 will not rise in price. In the US, the basic version is available for 799 euros.

iPhone 15 Pro could be more expensive and harder to buy

In addition to the fact that the iPhone 15 Pro is more expensive, they may suffer from a delay in their release to the market, according to a recent rumor. The company appears to be having trouble assembling the new screens, which are slightly different in design from current model panels because the ones that arrive in September have fewer bezels.

In any case, everything indicates that the iPhone 15 Pro will be available on the same day as the base variants, but in limited quantities.

The iPhone 15 Pro and Max version are expected to change their design slightly and get titanium frames, as well as a slightly curved back panel around the edges. Both variants are also expected to ship with the new USB-C. chip A17 Bionicwith greater autonomy and, in the case of the Pro Max variant, with a periscope camera.

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