iPhone 14 Pro battery capacity shrinks after only one year

Accelerating battery consumption worries iPhone users!

Almost a year after its launch, users complain about the iPhone 14

In recent months, a growing number of iPhone 14 Pro users have been using the X and other social media platforms to share screenshots of their mobile device’s “maximum capacity” battery. Movement means: A public complaint about his iPhone’s battery capacity being “corrupted”.

What upsets or worries these people the most is accelerated battery wear happens less than a year later Official launch of iPhone 14 Pro. The immediate consequence of this degradation is that the battery life is much less, which can affect the performance of the operating system. However, iOS has certain measures to balance performance and battery health.

What might be affecting the iPhone’s power?

To measure the battery capacity of your iPhone, simply enter the application. “Adjustment”choose “Battery” and then tap “Battery status and charging”. According to Apple, the number that appears on your screen is “a measure of battery capacity relative to when it was new.”

In the shared screenshots, iPhone 14 Pro users find themselves at maximum capacity between 90% and 85%. According to the bitten apple company, It is recommended to replace the iPhone battery when the maximum capacity drops below 80%. The surprising thing is that this started happening less than a year after the launch of this device.

While those from Cupertino do not directly comment on these complaints, some experts point out that there are some. Possible reasons why users are experiencing a change in the “max capacity” rating of their iPhone 14 Pro. First, Apple may have adjusted the algorithm for how this number is calculated compared to previous iPhone models.

Second, The iOS 17 beta may have had a huge impact on iPhone battery health. Some details, such as battery and power management, are less refined in beta versions of iOS than in generally available versions.

Another possibility is that the exclusive features of the iPhone 14 Pro, for example Keeping the screen on all the time affects the overall health of the battery. The screen in question can reach a maximum brightness of 2000 nits in outdoor environments, which is almost twice that of the iPhone 13 Pro.

Performance Impact

To understand the battery life of iPhones, it should be noted that these devices use lithium-ion batteries that chemically age over the life of the phone. In a support document, Apple explains that as the battery ages, the amount of charge it can hold decreases, which reduces the time it takes to recharge the device. Finally, all this can somehow affect the performance of the equipment.

While the power management system on the iPhone 14 Pro is more advanced than previous versions, the performance impact due to battery aging is exemplified by longer app launch times, lower framerate noise, lower wireless data throughput, backlight dimming, or low speaker volume.

However, as mentioned above, iOS can manage the balance between performance and battery health. “Built-in dynamic hardware and software systems will help offset the performance impacts that may be noticeable as your iPhone battery ages chemically,” Apple says.

life in cycle

An important factor that contributes to the health of your iPhone’s battery is the number of charge cycles. That is, how many times has your mobile phone been charged. You won’t be able to get this data through Apple, but there are third-party apps for Mac where you can connect your iPhone to your Mac and dial the number with the “cycle count” option.

Finally, as your phone’s battery ages, you’ll need to charge it more often and The more you charge your iPhone, the faster your battery ages.. It’s like a game that will definitely depend on how you use the device.

With this information you can see that reduce the frequency of charging your phone and using lower voltage charging options is healthier for your equipment.

Source: i Padizate

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