Over the past few months, Apple has been mulling over a cosmetic change that may have puzzled and frustrated some users: moving the “end call” button to iPhones.

Previous Betas iOS 17 they moved the red “end call” button to the bottom right instead of focusing on the bottom half of the screen where it has been for years. However, in the most recent developer beta, the finish button is centered vertically in the middle of the three buttons at the bottom of the screen.

The potential change to Apple’s UI is not yet final and only appears in Apple’s most recent developer beta for now. Apple’s developer programs and public betas are designed for software makers and early adopters to test the new iPhone operating system and find bugs before it’s officially released in the fall with new iPhones.

The last Apple call button has been in roughly the same place for years. But in the latest version, it upgrades the caller ID feature with a new feature called “contact banners” that allows users to select the photo that appears when they call another iPhone user. New photos take up most of the screen during a phone call, so Apple has moved the buttons down.

Source: Digital Trends

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