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I have been using the Apple iPhone for many years now. I started quite late, just with the iPhone 11, since before that I was a staunch user of Android, or rather the now defunct Samsung Galaxy Note line. Apple invited me to spend some time using the iPhone, and I’ve been hooked on it ever since.

Be careful, I haven’t stopped testing Android mobile phones all this time. I liked the Google Pixel 7, Samsung Galaxy S23, Google Pixel Fold, and Nothing Phone 2. I admit that Android does a lot better than the iPhone, like settings and notifications, and the hardware design can definitely be a lot more interesting. . But these reasons prevent me from using Android again.

iMessage is really a good thing

To this day, almost all of my personal and work devices are made by Apple. They were before, yes, and always my Galaxy Note was an exception to the rule. Now I have not only an iPhone 14, but also a Mac Studio and Studio Display, a pair of MacBooks (Air and Pro), a 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and an Apple Watch Ultra.

Box with Apple products
Daniel Matus / Digital Trends in Spanish

I definitely consider my iPhone to be the backbone of everything I use. I’ve had the same phone number ever since I came to the US and I mostly use it for iMessage (along with a few email addresses).

I use iMessage to keep in touch with friends and family and I know I’m not the only one. However, one of the reasons I love using iMessage is the simple fact that all my messages, even text messages with Android users, will show up on my iPad and on my Mac. No matter what device I use, I know that I can easily access all my messages and texts even if my iPhone is in a room on the other side of the house.

iphone 12
Daniel Matus / Digital Trends in Spanish

Now, if you’re using an Android phone and a Mac, you’ll still have ways to access your messages through third-party apps. But therein lies the problem: you need to do your research and find a good third-party app for that. That’s why I love iMessage: it’s already installed on all my Apple devices, and in Apple’s famous words, everything “just works.” My messages are synced while I’m signed in with my Apple ID, and I can send and receive them no matter what device I’m on.

Also, most of the people I write with also use iPhones. This means that I can send uncompressed photos and videos or pixelated. I love being able to edit and unsend messages as needed, see when people reply, respond to messages, and more. And the ability to autofill security codes from text messages was one of the best things Apple added. There are so many great features in iMessage that I think I’ll get lost if I switch completely to Android.

Transferring photos via AirDrop is great

Another part of my job is to take (lots of) photos and put them on my computer. I used to have to carry a cable with me and use a special program to transfer photos from Galaxy to MacBook (Samsung Smart Switch) and always be patient to make sure everything works well. Today, I find it incredible that AirDrop is so easy between my iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Dumbo, Brooklyn.  The photo was taken on an iPhone 14.
Dumbo, Brooklyn. The photo was taken on an iPhone 14. Daniel Matus / Digital Trends in Spanish

I don’t have a separate digital camera, I just use my smartphone to take photos and videos. Most flagship phones these days come with pretty good cameras, so why not? I usually make a few quick edits to make the photos look good enough for the web and then move them to my computer to upload to WordPress.

On my iPhone 14, I just do everything in the Photos app, then select the images I want and send them via AirDrop to my MacBook or Mac Studio. And they instantly appear there, in the Downloads folder. It remains only to rename them (for this I love the simplicity of Automator) and that’s it.

iPad Pro
Daniel Matus / Digital Trends in Spanish

Of course, on an Android phone, you can also edit photos, but then there is no quick way to transfer them from your phone to your Mac. You can go to Google Photos, search for images, and then upload them. This requires extra steps, and while Android has Near Share, it doesn’t work with a Mac, at least not without a third-party app.

With AirDrop, you will get used to simplicity as a luxury. And because it’s used so much, I don’t even think storing photos or documents on an iPhone can be a problem when working on a Mac.

Blessed Apple Ecosystem

At Apple, everything is interconnected, and this, if you think about it, can turn into a disaster if something goes wrong. This is wrong. Everything is part of a harmonious whole, and in my work this is a plus, which translates into speed, efficiency and, of course, greater productivity.

In recent years, I have also switched to some of Apple’s own apps, such as Notes. I have a lot of important notes stored in my Notes app, and I don’t want to export them all somewhere else. Oh, and let’s not forget the health data I collected five years ago on the Apple Watch Series. At the moment, I’m not interested in starting over on a different platform.

Apple Watch Ultra
Daniel Matus / Digital Trends in Spanish

Please: I am well aware that no company or product is perfect, and Apple is certainly no exception. But when you mostly use various Apple devices, everything just works. And it’s great that it is.

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