Don’t even think about getting an iPhone 14 right now

It’s not a good idea to buy the iPhone 14 right now, after knowing the launch date of the iPhone 15.

All iPhone 14 will be left behind on September 12

The launch date of the iPhone 15 has already been announced. Apple’s next-generation flagship device will be introduced on September 12. The art of the event is simply amazing, it looks sparkly in the animation. Here’s what you need to know now Now is not the time to buy an iPhoneIf you know a friend or family member looking to buy an iPhone, it’s time to share this article with them.

A new iPhone is on the way, don’t buy an old iPhone

After the iPhone 15 introduction, the reservation date and then the launch come. It’s most likely Friday, September 15th, the booking date, and the launch in stores a week later (September 22). Prices are likely to increase as well.

iPhone in Europe

iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 Pro are very different

Why is it no good to buy an iPhone 14 or earlier now? Simply Apple will update the price list and enjoy the discounts. The estimated discount margin on the official channel is between $50 and $100. You can find double discounts at other stores or mobile operators or close to an interesting amount.

It will be the only iPhone SE with no price changes. The third generation will not come, so if you are considering this iPhone, you should wait to choose a better model. With the launch of the iPhone 15, it’s almost possible that the iPhone 12 will not be maintained to make room for the 13 and 14. This iPhone 12 could be a great buy at a great price on other outlets instead of the iPhone SE It has many weak points.

A broadcast event despite the passing of the pandemic

The COVID pandemic has forced us to change the rules of the game not only in the way we live, but also in communication channels. Apple has already sent out corresponding invitations to the press so they can attend Apple Park, but the event itself has already been recorded.

We have no idea if Apple will return to its traditional live events more than just offering promotional videos like a few years ago. It’s very appealing to see the previously recorded Apple Event as those of Cupertino surprised us with incredible cinematographic footage. How not to do this after having a direct experience with Apple TV+?

Tim Cook's opening apple

Tim Cook at the Apple event

On September 12 we will see the new iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2. What other device could Apple surprise us with? It will be quite an interesting event as the expectation continues as to whether Apple will leave the Lightning port, the periscope lens that has been talked about in the past, and switch to USB-C, among other design issues.

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