Google used a new ad to mock the delayed adoption of USB-C on the iPhone. The launch of the video takes place a week before the launch event of the new Apple mobile phones.

The ad is titled “Spa Day” and includes the hashtag #BestPhonesForever. Inside, an iPhone talks to Pixel 7 with virtual assistant voice While spending “relaxing time” at the spa.

In the video, iPhone admits that with each launch it gets harder and simple innovations are no longer impressive. So, as “a gimmick on my arm”, Apple’s handset suggests it will feature USB-Chowever, Pixel 7 seems to anticipate innovation as if it has known the technology for a long time.

At the end of the video, Google highlights the date of the #”MadeByGoogle” event It is scheduled for October 4th.

iPhone 15 could be the first device to have USB-C

The latest iPhone 15 rumors suggest that Apple’s next mobile will even feature USB-C. The default link appeared in various images and other images.

iPhone 15 will be presented next Tuesday (12) During Apple’s “Wonderlust” event.

Source: Tec Mundo

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