Two weeks ago we learned about Apple’s new line of mobile phones, which, as expected, featured four new models: iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Also unveiled alongside them were new watches (Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2), as well as an update to their AirPods Pro 2, whose charging case now features a USB-C port, just like the new iPhone 15.

Either way: the big stars are the new iPhones, which hit stores last Friday the 22nd, generating anticipation that hasn’t been seen in years. This could be due to the new titanium bezels on the Pro models, or the introduction of USB-C ports across the lineup, or the critics who currently agree that we’re in for a much more significant upgrade. than that which took place in previous editions. The truth is that many, many are already doing the math and breaking down their piggy banks, ready to buy their new iPhones.

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But wait: Do you need to buy it right now? If you wait a few months Will it fall in price? How much will it fall and how long will you have to wait?

No new iPhone is, strictly speaking, “cheap” or budget-friendly. Perhaps its most basic model, the 128GB iPhone 15, isn’t Very expensive, but no one can honestly say that paying $800 for a cell phone is cheap. A new iPhone costs money, especially if it is from the latest line. Therefore, any possible discounts or reduction in its price in the future are welcome.

How much could iPhone prices fall in the coming months?

Idealo is a shopping price comparison website and app where you can find the best deals on almost anything you want to buy online. They’ve done years of research into how prices behave over time, so they know the best time to shop and when it’s best to keep your money in your wallet.

Well: this company made a forecast of when and how much the iPhone 15 might fall in price, based on the price dynamics of the iPhone 14 at the time.

Prices seem to stagnate in the first months of launch, with fluctuations ranging from 6% to 17% until the sixth month. And the company estimates that if we had waited three months, we could have achieved some savings.

Evolution of prices for iPhone 15

This first release coincides with the season of Christmas and the Three Wise Men, making now the perfect time to buy the iPhone 15 as a Christmas gift.

In April the price could drop significantly again, with a discount of almost 20% compared to today’s price.

According to predictions based on the development of previous models, lThe months that mean the most savings will be from April to June.where the price will fluctuate around 20% less.


According to Idealo’s research, both the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will have a common point i.price inflexibility from the sixth month since its launch: that is, in March 2024.

Specifically, the iPhone 15 Pro will see a significant drop of 15% after seven months, before stabilizing at around 18% below launch between June and October 2024.


But of course: in October 2024, we will probably already know the new iPhone 16 line of mobile phones, which will perhaps bring as many or even more new features as the iPhone 15 line, including the public presentation of a possible iPhone 16 Ultra. . Will you still be so eager to buy the iPhone 15 Pro Max after already meeting its successor?

To be honest, I must say that every iPhone remains lush within a few years of its launch, and just as we recommend that an iPhone 14 Pro Max owner not buy an iPhone 15 Pro Max, we can almost assure you that this very same model will look just as good as it does today, in October. 2024.

What happens on Black Friday?

Many products drop in price during Black Friday, although brand new products rarely do so, as is the case with the iPhone 15 line.

What you can expect is that previous models like the iPhone 14 or 13 will have good discounts during Black Friday 2023, which will be the day this year. Friday, November 24. During this week, you should keep your eyes peeled for deals as there are always surprises. Idealo even suggests creating a personalized alert for the products you’re most interested in, which we think is a very good idea.

Source: Digital Trends

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