Finally, hardware, specifically a few laptops, was announced at the Apple developer event yesterday. Air was stellar at launch, but went too far with the new. macbook pro The truth is they are a team to be reckoned with for strength and finish. We tell you everything that is already known to offer.

The screen of the equipment we are talking about 13.3 inches, therefore it offers excellent portability. It is worth noting that with retina resolution, the quality of this component is great, because we are talking about a gloss that reaches it. 500 nits and it is not devoid of positive technologies such as True Tone. By the way, in this one, right at the top, is the camera. time to face with resolution 720p (It’s not exactly the best that Apple has included in their laptops).

One of the remarkable details of this device, which has an aluminum coating that gives the new Apple MacBook Pro an unrivaled appearance, is that it offers great autonomy. Thus, for example, you will be able to use up to 20 hours without having to recharge, undoubtedly the best figure on the market. By the way, its port does not lack fast charging. Lightning, which is always positive. The truth is, if that’s true, we’re talking about a different feature.

Couldn’t miss the new M2 processor

The previous generation of this laptop was also one of the first to incorporate the Apple Silicon architecture into its processor and has decided to continue on that path. The fact is that this laptop integrates a processor M2 5 nanometer production technology is used, which allows 18% faster than the previous generation (the same is true for the 35% more powerful GPU). And all this is energy efficiency Superior on paper and without the heat issue. In other words, the new MacBook Pro is a beast.

Options for Apple's new MacBook Pro


What does it have to do with memory, good news because RAM up to 24GB and regarding storage you can access up to 2TB (always write SSD). So there is no crack in this part. That’s the power this laptop can encode 8K quality video using ProRes technology. This leaves no doubt about the good behavior of this computer in any business.

Some more details about this MacBook Pro and its price

This laptop is not without eye-catching details, such as the fact that it has a high-quality keyboard called the Magic Keyboard. In addition, it protects touch bar, which is curious considering that models with the largest screen in this range already have history. What does it have to do with the price, it can be bought from $1,299It’s something you can do next month, as reported by Apple itself.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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