Same outside, new inside. This is a summary of what appears to be new Apple Watch Series 9 which Apple released along with the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. The company’s watches retain exactly the same design as their predecessors, but include a new processor that not only improves the performance of the device, but also adds another additional feature that makes one of the best watches on the market even better.

Apple Watch Series 9 has slight improvements in some of the most important areas, such as the screen. now it’s brighteror in the ability to share content with other devices, such as the HomePod, which now has greater integration. Apple’s new smartwatch also marks a very important milestone for the company, which in particular is also good for the environment: This is the brand’s first carbon-neutral product.

From now on, I’m telling you that if you’re upgrading from Series 7 or Series 8, the new features included in Series 9 aren’t enough to make a difference. Series 9 has everything it takes to be an ideal option for users of an Apple Watch Series 5 or older, as well as for people who have never owned an Apple Watch.

The new SiP S9 is much more than just a more powerful processor

Specifically, the Apple Watch Series 9 comes with SiP S9, a new chip designed specifically for the Apple Watch, featuring a dual-core processor with 5.6 billion transistors. This, according to Apple, is 60% more than in the S8 chip. The new SiP S9 also includes a Neural Engine processor. According to the company, they are capable of processing machine learning tasks almost twice as fast as the Apple Watch Series 8.

Compared to the second-generation Apple Watch SE, which was equipped with the S8 chip (the same processor as the Apple Watch Series 8), the improvement in power is noticeable in some cases. For example, I noticed that on the Series 9, apps open a little faster and animations are smoother.

Siri also responds faster on Apple Watch Series 9.. And while this may be an improvement to the software, the truth is that the culprit that makes Apple’s assistant work better is the new Negral Engine. The fact that the processor is capable of processing machine learning tasks up to two times faster than the S8 chip allows Apple to run Siri on the device itself. Not in the cloud or through the iPhone it was connected to, as was the case in previous generations.

Siri, yes, is no smarter on this Apple Watch, It’s just faster when it comes to responding or taking action.. This is especially useful on the Apple Watch because, at least in my case, I use the watch assistant when I urgently need it. For example, to turn on the light in the bedroom or set a timer while I’m cooking. Improvements to Siri also allow you to make requests within Apple Watch apps. For example, you can ask it to display your sleep data to open the Health app.

Apple Watch Series 9 battery

Apple, on the other hand, ensures that the SiP S9 offers greater energy efficiency and therefore better battery life. However, the Apple Watch Series 9 specs list the same duration as its predecessor: until 19 o’clock. However, we must keep in mind that the Apple Watch Series 9 includes new features that may affect battery drain, such as a brighter screen.

In fact, Apple’s smartwatches have the right battery life and allow intensive use throughout the day without problems, even reaching 35% the next day after overnight use. However, it doesn’t go on par with other smartwatches, although it makes up for this with fast charging that fully charges the battery in less than an hour. In my case, I take advantage of the ability to charge the watch during moments when I don’t need to use it, such as in the shower, so that the battery will last for the rest of the day.

A brighter screen you don’t have to touch

Apple Watch Series 9 screen

Apple Watch Series 9 has the same design as its predecessor. Also the same sizes: 41 and 45 mm, as well as the same Retina displays with a resolution of 396 x 484 pixels in the 45 mm case and 352 x 430 pixels in the 41 mm variant. However, there is an important change. Screen brightness is now higher: up to 2000 nits. instead of 1000 nits of brightness like the 8 series. Overall, an excellent screen: more than enough brightness for viewing content outdoors. Of course, the Series 9 retains the additional features offered by the minimal bezel screen that Apple introduced with the Series 7, such as the ability to use a full keyboard.

The screen, by the way, does not need to be touched thanks to a new feature that Apple introduced both in this model and in the Apple Watch Ultra: Double Tap. This feature allows you to operate some interface controls by simply double-tapping your thumb and forefinger. Yes indeed not officially available yet — will be released in October, according to Apple —. However, there is a way to try: by activating this option in the accessibility settings.

After I was able to activate this feature through accessibility settings and waited for the official launch of this feature, I would dare to say that This is one of the best features Apple has introduced to the Apple Watch in recent years.. It works great and is extremely useful not only in those moments when we cannot touch the screen. Also for any everyday situation.

For example, I often use this feature to dismiss notifications coming to my Apple Watch. It seems to me that this is much more convenient than clicking on the crown or closing the notification through the screen. I also use it to control playback when someone is talking to me and I have my AirPods on. I just have to double-tap my fingers without looking at the screen or stopping to pay attention to the person I’m talking to. Except, The Apple Watch already recognizes the action with a very subtle gesture.. I never once had to exaggerate the double tap or repeat the action.

Now – and I repeat – we must remember that this is not an exclusive feature of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra. Other older models can also use the double tap function. if you enable this option in accessibility settings. In this case, yes, the interface is significantly different. Instead of a small icon located at the top of the screen, a message is displayed that takes up most of the interface. Some controls are also somewhat limited. I also noticed that the response is much faster with the Series 9.

Exact search

Apple Watch Series 9

Apple Watch Series 9 also includes an interesting innovation thanks to the new ultra-wideband chip integrated into the device. Now exact search functionsso that we can search for other devices with the same ultra-wideband, such as the iPhone 15, the same way we do with AirTag.

This is something I find especially useful considering I leave my iPhone anywhere. And this works especially well, especially in open spaces or in environments where the device we want to find is not far away. To, for example, find a lost iPhone in an apartment or in a dining room, it works great.

By the way, the Ultra Wideband chip It also allows for better integration between Apple Watch and HomePod. Now, if HomePod is playing audio and a person wearing an Apple Watch Series 9 comes within four meters, the watch will display an interface to control playback and volume.

Is the Apple Watch Series 9 worth the money?

Available from €449, the Apple Watch Series 9 is a great product.. This is, without a doubt, the best watch you can buy if you have an iPhone. and you play less demanding or professional sports (because in that case, you might be interested in learning more about the new Apple Watch Ultra), and it performs like no other.

Is this Apple Watch a good option for those who have an older model or have never owned an Apple Watch? My answer is yes. If you’re using the Series 5 or last year’s model, you’ll notice a jump in the screen, performance, and health and sports features.

In my opinion, yes, the new features included in this Series 9 are not a reason to replace the Series 7 or Series 8. In this case, it is better to wait for the next generation.

On the other hand, if you prefer sports and are looking for a much more durable watch, the new Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the best option. It also inherits some of the features of this model from the SiP S9, such as improvements to Siri.

Source: Hiper Textual

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