15 best macOS Sonoma news and tips you should try

Apple has added many new features to its new operating system for Mac.

macOS Sonoma includes highly productive and functional new features for your Mac

macOS Sonoma has been officially released as the new version of the operating system for Mac. Includes lots of new features and many improvements to its internal infrastructure to consider. Just as it is interesting to prepare your Mac to install macOS Sonoma, it is also important to know the ins and outs of the operating system before downloading the software update.

While there are so many new features in Apple’s product catalog, including the arrival of the iPhone 15, you may not have enough time to explore all the new features of macOS Sonoma. If this is the case, don’t worry. Next We highlight the most interesting developments in macOS SonomaLatest software update for Apple Mac computers.

macOS Sonoma

macOS Sonoma software update released very recently

The most important new features of macOS Sonoma

The macOS Sonoma update brings interactive widgets, web apps, Safari improvements, video conferencing features and much more. There are important new features that will completely change the way you use your Mac.

Interactive widgets on Mac desktop

macOS Sonoma

Now with macOS Sonoma, widgets can be placed on the desktop and are interactive like in iOS 17 or iPadOS 17. What does this really mean? Basically, you will now be able to interact with them. When you add a widget to the Mac desktop and press on it, it allows you to perform certain actions rather than redirecting you to the application. Actions like Complete to-do lists, activate home automation accessories, open shortcuts

Change widget color

macOS Sonoma

With the arrival of new widgets on the desktop, now when you open an app and they are placed in the background, they blend in and take on a more translucent and grayish appearance, allowing you to focus on what really matters. You can always make them look this way by changing their colors.

  • Come in System settings.
  • To join Table and Dock.
  • Change color in section widgets.

iPhone widgets on your Mac

macOS Sonoma

Thanks to Apple’s Continuity function, you can sync all the widgets on your iPhone with your Mac. You can choose which widgets to add to the desktop without having to install apps from the macOS Sonoma App Store. Don’t worry, there are many more new features that aren’t related to macOS Sonoma widgets…

  • Add your iPhone widgets from: System Settings > Desktop and Dock.

New System Settings navigation system

macOS Sonoma

It’s now added after Apple completely revamped the design of System Preferences in macOS Ventura by renaming it to System Settings navigation arrows to go forward and backthus making navigation much easier.

FaceTime Reactions

FaceTime video conferencing gets many new features in macOS Sonoma. One of these is reactions. The menu bar now includes FaceTime configuration options where you can manage new reactions.

There are heart reactions, thumbs up, thumbs down, fireworks, confetti, rain, balloons, lasers… Also, Can be activated with gestures that FaceTime automatically identifies via camera footage

FaceTime Presentations

macOS Sonoma

With macOS Sonoma, FaceTime presentations will be more dynamic, more productive and more fun than ever before. In addition to implementing reactions with special effects, FaceTime now includes great new features in presentations.

After pressing the green button in the corner of a window, you can share the screen for presentations and sharing. Show in front of screenshot in Overlay mode. This means you can lead a presentation while attendees continue to see you. You can even create a small circular bubble where your face will be placed and move it around the presentation area.

Reactions and presentations will be available on FaceTime, Zoom, Teams and other applications.

New effects for FaceTime

macOS Sonoma

A few effects have also been implemented for FaceTime video conferencing with macOS Sonoma. studio light while darkening the outline to brighten the subject document Adds a bokeh effect to blur the background.

  • pops up facetime.
  • press on FaceTime icon in menu bar and choose an effect.
  • Click the arrow for each option to increase or decrease the intensity of the effect with the slider.

Safari Profiles

macOS Sonoma

One of the biggest additions to macOS Sonoma will bring profiles to Safari, allowing Mac users to separate and customize their web browsing with different categories: Business, Personal and Study. Safari profiles divide history, favorites, cookies and tab groups. One of the most anticipated new features of macOS Sonoma.

  • pops up Safari.
  • click Safari From the menu bar.
  • To choose Settings.
  • Create your personalized profile.

Add web apps to the Dock

macOS Sonoma

Another of macOS Sonoma’s most interesting new features is the option to add web apps or web applications to the Dock. Webapps are Safari web pages turned into applications with their own icons. An ideal way to keep “iPadizate” a little more at hand. 😉

  • pops up Safari.
  • Access any website…
  • Press Archive In the menu bar.
  • Select option Add to Dock.

voice dictation

macOS Sonoma

It will now be possible to use the keyboard and voice dictation at the same time with macOS Sonoma. So you can keep the voice dictation function active while typing. So, if you are typing and need to reference information, you can continue “typing” using voice dictation. Very useful.

  • Suitable System Settings > Keyboard.

Share your passwords with your family

macOS Sonoma

We’re continuing with one of the most overlooked innovations during macOS Sonoma’s unveiling at WWDC23: the option to share passwords between family members. There are many cases where we, as users, share multiple Apple services with other family services like Apple Music, Apple Arcade, iCloud, or even through streaming platforms like Disney+ or Netflix.

It will now be possible to share your passwords with your family members with macOS Sonoma. The new functionality of the operating system allows you to: Create a group of trusted people to share your passwords and access keys on other devices. In case of access keys, they will be able to use their Touch ID and Face ID to log in.

  • Set the function as follows: System Settings > Passwords > Share passwords and access keys.

game mode

macOS Sonoma

Apple introduced a Game Mode in macOS Sonoma to make the system work better. Prioritize the full potential of your CPU and GPU reduces the use of background tasks so you can focus on enjoying your favorite games.

  • macOS Sonoma Game Mode is automatically enabled when you launch a game in full screen.

Remove verification codes automatically

macOS Sonoma

This new addition to macOS Sonoma, which is also available in iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, the ability for the operating system itself to automatically delete verification codes you receive in Messages or Mail after they are used.

  • pops up Safari on your Mac.
  • To choose Safari In the menu bar.
  • click Settings.
  • Access the section Passwords.
  • Go Password options.
  • check the box Delete automatically from the section Verification codes.

Message News

macOS Sonoma

The Messages app got great new features in iOS 17 and iPadOS 17. Because it couldn’t be otherwise, most of these new functions have also come to macOS Sonoma. Like improvements to voice messages or voice memos.

In addition to making changes design user interface and inclusion transcription to textvoicemails no more play at different speeds.

  • Hold your finger on a voicemail’s play button or right-click to change its speed.

Avoid accidental capitalization

macOS Sonoma

If you’ve ever had a little trouble with your keyboard’s caps lock, you’ll love this new feature in macOS Sonoma. Normally MacBook laptops display a small green LED indicator when Caps Lock is enabled, but this will also appear in macOS Sonoma on-screen display (see image) so you don’t accidentally write it like that and scare the recipient of the message. A very interesting function.

All of these The most notable new features of macOS SonomaThe latest version of the operating system for Mac. Apple has worked hard to develop each of the new features of the software update, and we must say that the results are absolutely phenomenal.

Source: i Padizate

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