Terminator 2 Even 30 years after its release, it remains one of the best science fiction films of all time. James Cameron managed to surpass his already acclaimed original film with a sequel that became a milestone of the genre. But, although after them Terminator continued in franchise form, the saga could have ended much sooner. The second film had an alternate ending that would have marked the end of the story Sarah Connoryour son John And T-800.

IN Terminator 2the main characters manage to defeat evil T-1000. However, they know that this is not enough to avoid the Day of Judgment, and that Skynet take control of the planet. He T-800interpreted Arnold Schwarzenegger, must die too. Little John begs for his life, because the robot has become not only his protector, but also his best friend. But finally, both he and his mother understand that they must let him die.

So slow, Terminator He dives into a hot pit of molten metal, waving goodbye with a thumbs up before his system shuts down. Behind it, Sarah hug John and the film fades to a shot of the road while the main character speaks a few words in his voice. turned off. In them he speaks of an uncertain future, to which for the first time he looks with hope. “Because if a machine, the Terminator, can understand the value of human life, maybe we can too,” he says. Sarah Connor. The scene ends the film nicely, but this “unknown future” leaves the door open to a future that comes later in the saga. Something that didn’t happen in the alternate ending.

What was the alternate ending for Terminator 2?

Cameron had to film an alternate ending Terminator 2 which even convinced him even more, but would put an end to any possibility of continuation. In that, Sarah Connor He also gives a speech. Only this one is longer and occurs much later in time. “August 29, 1997 came and went. Nothing special happened. Michael Jackson He turned 40 years old. Judgment Day has not come,” says the now elderly heroine, sitting on a park bench and speaking into her voice recorder.

From there he watches his son, Johnwho, instead of becoming the leader of the resistance against Skynet He became a senator. She also gave birth to a daughter, making her a grandmother. Sarah. Thanks to this episode, the unknown future of the ending was decided when it was released in theaters. The machines never rebelled and humanity was able to continue to live in peace. An alternative ending, which this time closed the door to any continuation. Terminator 2. Although yes, it ended with the same phrase as the officer: “Because if a machine, the Terminator, can know the value of human life, perhaps we can too.”

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In fact, Cameron chose this alternate ending for Terminator 2. But the producer Mario Casar He disagreed and managed to convince him to try it for a limited run. The reaction from the selected audience was negative, as the ending was too happy and optimistic compared to the tone of the two films. In the end, the director accepted as the final scene the one that could be seen in cinemas and which everyone knows. The alternative was classified as a film extra, although the reflection Sarah Connor remained untouched.

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