MacBook Pro OLED: Release date for Apple’s next vibrant laptop revolution

Analysts share their predictions for the release of the first MacBook Pro with an OLED display.

Apple will also begin switching to OLED in the MacBook Pro lineup

iPad, iMac, MacBook Pro… most of Apple’s electronic devices are almost perfect. Except for one thing. Apple only needs one element to be able to say without fear of being wrong that its devices are perfect. We are talking about panels because it could not be otherwise OLED.

Rumors about the switch to OLED on the iPad Pro have been floating around the internet for months. In fact, we recently learned that Apple may implement OLED panels in the iPad Air and iPad mini as well. The transition to iPad Pro will take place in 2024. The introduction of the OLED screen on iPad Air and iPad mini will take place in 2026. So when will OLED displays be included in the MacBook Pro? We know the possible answer.

Analysts share their predictions for the launch of OLED MacBook Pro

according to your words Ross YoungAnalyst and CEO of research firm Display Supply Chain Consultants said that the arrival of the first MacBook Pro with OLED display will happen soon. three years.

Apple needs its suppliers to build enough mass-production production lines to supply OLED panels to the company’s supply chain. And it won’t happen until now 2026 or 2027.

MacBook Pro

Apple may introduce two new MacBook Pros

All media seem to agree on the idea that the price of the new iPad Pro series with OLED will increase significantly from 2024. The same should be true for the MacBook Pro.

OLED panels offer great advantages over LCD technology. glare higher, bigger contrast radius, purer blacks and better energy efficiency. All this contributes to increasing production costs and ultimately affects the pockets of consumers.

New MacBook Pros in 2023?

In other words, it is said that Apple may launch two new MacBook Pro models with 14- and 16-inch screens in 2023 before the end of this year. mini LED technology under their screen. But given that the last time the company refreshed its Pro laptop family was with the launch of the MacBook Pro series with M2 Pro and M2 Max chips in January of this year, this seems unlikely. Let’s see if Apple will surprise us in the end.

Source: i Padizate

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