CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella admits abandoning the Windows Phone brand was a mistake. The executive believes the company can better handle friction in the mobile category.

“The decision that a lot of people are talking about – and one of the hardest decisions I made when I became CEO – was to exit the smartphone market at the time. Looking back, I think there might have been ways to make that work, perhaps as the CEO said, “Computing between PCs, tablets and smartphones “by reinventing the category,” he said. Business Content.

The Windows Phone brand was officially discontinued in October 2017. At the time, a company executive stated that the company was still committed to fixing bugs and security vulnerabilities, but would not prepare any new features.

Currently Microsoft is fighting for territory in the portable device market, but this is a far cry from the situation in the days of Windows Phone. Today, The company sells the line Surface DuoA foldable device with two screens running Google’s Android system.

Microsoft focuses on apps and platforms

Although Microsoft has abandoned the operating systems market, it operates in the mobile world with applications, platforms and services. Today, the company offers tools for pairing Windows with mobile phones, mobile browsers, and other optional features for the Android and iOS audiences.

This approach diminishes the company’s importance in the industry, but it seems to work within the company’s current offering.

deep regret

Nadella isn’t the first Microsoft CEO to admit he regrets the brand’s performance on smartphones. Former CEO Steve Ballmer also stated in 2013 that he regretted not investing in the sector before.

Even former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates has discussed the issue before. According to him, Microsoft’s “biggest mistake” was losing ground to Android.

Source: Tec Mundo

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