Almost a month has passed since the official launch of the smart bracelet Xiaomi MiBand 7, and currently only possible to buy in China. This situation is expected to change in a short time and it is expected to be offered for sale in different regions such as Europe. Well, it was possible to know what the price would be at this place.

This is an important detail that could mean many users look at other options available on the market if not available. To date, Xiaomi smartbands have always been among the options that provide a good guarantee. quality/price ratio. And therefore, it was normal to expect this to continue. And the truth is, if the leaks are confirmed, the perception of some could change radically.

How much will the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 cost in Europe?

The price of the model, which can be bought in Spain now, is around 45.99 euros, which is a remarkable and attractive figure. alright, known data pointing out that the new model may be costly between 50 and 60 euros. Therefore, there is an acceptable price increase if it is close to the initial quantity. But if it is the second closest… The increase is quite large and this could be reflected in sales.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 bracelet display


Also, the developments in the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 – such as the 1.62-inch display with 500 nits brightness or what it has to do with reaching the recognized 120 sports mode – are, they are not that relevant. Such a significant price increase might not be a good idea. Perhaps it would make more sense for the Pro model, which is supposed to include GPS, to reach sixty euros.

Other options included in this new bracelet

If you are not sure what this new Xiaomi Mi Band 7 has improved compared to its predecessors, there are some things that matter. An example is your battery. 180mAh They claim to reach several weeks of use. And the panel is bigger. In addition, it should be noted that everything related to the acquisition of physical data or greater accuracy in heart rate has been improved; sleep quality; and even stress level.

The truth is, the price of this smart bracelet not unreasonablebut given what the competition is like Amazfit or Huawei, it’s possible that the known increase will hurt the sales of this new generation Xiaomi smartband (which is usually the strongest).

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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