One application that has become increasingly popular lately is Truecaller because, when installed on a cell phone, it allows you to automatically block calls and text messages from untrusted sources or directly. spam.

For this reason, Google will consider creating its own app to avoid such challenges on Android.

Lines of code reviewed by Android Authority indicate that Mountain View will be working on this for future updates.

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“This solution will block both calls and text messages when you add a number to your blacklist. The block list will also be available to other applications. The string family is in the Migration branch, which indicates that you can use the blacklist on all Android phones.

There are lines for the “import” function, which opens the blacklist in other applications and, by extension, on other Android phones. The Google Phone app may give you the option to block calls and send the caller to voicemail, or block voicemail by automatically deleting it.

Source: Digital Trends

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