Apple now gives you less money when you trade in your iPhone

Apple is giving less and less money to buy an iPhone in Trade-in mode, here are the updated values

Apple now gives you less money when you trade in your iPhone
Apple Trade in 2024

Thinking of replacing your iPhone this year? It is important to value each of the possibilities you may choose to sell.. One of them is through Apple and its Trade-in program. You can purchase a new iPhone and there will be a discount on the amount of iPhone you return. The unfortunate thing is that from the last quote According to devices, Cupertinos will pay you less according to the list below.

Apple Trade In lowers estimated value of used iPhones

Historically, in monetary value, Apple Trade In is not worth it. Being able to pay for a new iPhone is kind of like a loan. This has been proven more and more over time.. Here’s a comparison of what’s paid for an iPhone now versus what was paid a few months ago in 2023.

New Apple Trade-in values ​​for new iPhone

New Apple Trade-in values ​​for new iPhone

There is a difference between 20 and 45 euros for some models Among the latest models such as the iPhone 14 and even the iPhone X. The maximum value Apple pays for the iPhone 14 Pro Max is 770 euros, and for the iPhone X it is 120 euros. Apple may pay you less than the maximum because storage factors and the physical condition of the device are also taken into account.

Old Apple Trade-in Values

Old Apple Trade-in Values

For this reason We recommend three alternatives to sell your iPhone Buy it on the second-hand market or ask for a reference value so you can promote yourself. In case you’re wondering, this is what Apple does with iPhones purchased through Trade In.

Get estimated value on Mac2sell

One of my favorite sites to evaluate iPhone prices is Mac2sell. You can also enter to find out what a Mac or Apple Watch would be worth.. Best of all, it gives you the reference price for retail stores, or to sell in a marketplace or trading group, or just for an acquaintance or friend.

The value of the iPhone 14 Pro Max according to Mac2sell

The value of the iPhone 14 Pro Max according to Mac2sell

Choose the model to calculate, storage space and whether to buy the device for sale or second-hand. If we use the example with the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the Mac2sell value for a 256 GB device is 794 euros. 24 euros more than at Apple.

Choose a second-hand option like Wallapop

You can review an estimated value on the Wallapop website based on the model and features of your iPhone. Considering that it also has an acceptable reputation, it is one of the places where you can find the most second-hand products.

Companies that buy your terminal in Spain

Another alternative is to choose and purchase a company that can measure the value of your mobile phone.

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 in the hands of a user

Knowing the battery status of a second-hand iPhone is crucial

PhoneHouse: They reserve your fee for 7 days without any obligation and give you some reference values ​​for Apple phones. For example, 128 GB iPhone 11 available for up to 228 euros. Almost 20 euros more than at Apple.

Rebuy: The company considered the European leader in the second-hand electronic products market. They cover a wide range of devices from various brands. They make you an offer to buy your iPhone, you ship the device to them (they pay for shipping and the device is insured), and after they inspect the shipment and confirm the condition of the iPhone, they pay you immediately.

Cash Converter: They have extensive mobile coverage, including Apple. Here you need to answer some questions so that they can guarantee the usability and aesthetic condition of the mobile phone, and after evaluation they will make you an offer.

The choice is yours, make sure you choose the best option and get the best value for your iPhone so you can benefit from a newer iPhone and go.

Source: i Padizate

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