iPhone crash detection saves users after a serious crash

iPhone and crash detection, along with satellite SOS, saved the lives of two men in a serious crash south of Vancouver, Canada

iPhone crash detection saves users after a serious crash
iPhone accident detection could save lives

Technology and accident detection implemented in iPhone saved more lives. In a possible tragedy scenario, an accident was reported in deep snow. Luckily, the two men were rescued near the town of Nanoose Bay, south of Vancouver. Thanks to the iPhone’s automatic alert. The climate and regional conditions were extremely complex.

SOS function via satellite and detection of accidents leading to the rescue of two users

Last Wednesday night two users were traveling south of Vancouver and The SUV they were in went off the road and crashed into a deep hill.. The iPhone’s functions activated and sent the coordinates to local authorities. If it wasn’t for the satellite’s SOS function, the two men would have been buried under the snow without anyone finding them. They were almost 10 km below road level.

Was it one? Excellent teamwork between search and rescue teamsNext to you Royal Canadian Mounted Police intervention (from Oceanside) They deployed a drone equipped with heat sensors to find the vehicle.. Thanks to chain trucks, snow tracks and other transport equipment, they managed to reach the location of the two stranded men.

The SUV protected them quite well, as they only had minor injuries and were able to be evacuated immediately. For the first time, Arrowsmith Search and Rescue responds to a call via automatic satellite link.

Extreme conditions that could result in tragedy

According to statements made to Time Colonist, Arrowsmith Search and Rescue President Nick Rivers said: the fact of having the ability to send messagesor automatically, There’s a big improvement in security when there’s no mobile coverageespecially in unconnected rural areas.

The temperature at the time of the accident was -3 degrees. They had to make a long and difficult 10-kilometer walk back to the highway. It’s a great piece of technology that you can carry in your pocket and could save your life.Rivers explained.

False activations have occurred before, but these were users riding off-road vehicles or cycling. Tracking iPhone is very important as security question is constantly asked When it detects or fails to detect a fall, an accident occurs.

In addition to Apple Watch SE, Series 4 and Ultra (2), the iPhone 14 with iOS 16 and later also has accident detection feature. It’s an indication that Apple is at the forefront not only about health tracking and maintenance with measurements, but also about a person’s physical integrity while in the vehicle.

Source: i Padizate

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