Loan applications “drop by drop” They continue to do their thing in Mexico. Although Google has updated its Play Store policies to prevent it from being approved, some of them maintain a presence in the store. In other cases, apps changed their name but kept their company name and course of action.

In accordance with The rest of the world, Thousands of Mexicans continue to suffer from this problem loan applications on Android. These apps, also called debt fixers, They promise immediate money without the need to have a credit history.

Loans are accompanied Stratospheric interests and deadlines that are impossible to meet. When a person misses a payment, the debt grows until it becomes unsustainable. Right here harassment and threats against the user and their contacts who receive intimidating messages to force them to pay.

According to the report, 15 applications are registered as debt collectors with the CDMX Citizens Security and Justice Council. They continue on the Play Store. One of them is JoyCrédito, which promises loans ranging from 800 to 18,000 pesos “with no paperwork, no advances and no collateral.”

JoyCrédito is on the list of 340 scam apps. Despite violating Play Store rules and dozens of comments from affected users, JoyCrédito is available for download.

JoyCrédito, a drop-by-drop loan application for Android. Image (Play Store)

“The amount they lend you is very low, the interest is very high and the time to pay it back is very short, they are very aggressive in collecting funds as soon as the payment date arrives and they bombard you with messages, threats and aggressive calls. “, the user mentions in the comments.

How do credit applications work “drop by drop”

Applications for obtaining credit drop by drop (or montadeudas) a type of informal loan which has become popular in recent years. These apps offer loans that are quick and easy to obtain, but with very high interest rates. In some cases the percentages reach 100% and Fines for non-payment involve threats and intimidation..

He course of action These companies have the same thing: easy loans without a credit history and only with an ID. After installing the application, the user must allow access to your contacts, files (photos, documents) and other data mobile phone. Subsequently, the person will fill out a form with their information and the amount requested to receive it in their bank account.

Restricting the use of mobile phones by children in China.

If payment is late, companies will begin stalk the user and threaten him with payment or accused of defrauding loved ones. Since the app has access to mobile phone contacts and photos, debt collectors They send intimidating messages or montages of porn photos and videos to friends. debtor.

In some cases, it will be enough to open the application for the first time and authorize permissions to start ransomware. data is transferred to multiple applications, which send out scary messages. Authorities received hundreds of reports and began investigating complaints, but criminals managed to bypass Google’s barriers with simple tricks like changing the app name.

The company confirmed that it is already cooperating with authorities in ongoing investigations. “We take this issue very seriously and are committed to offering a secure platform for the billions of Android users,” said Ricardo Zamora, director of communications for Google Mexico.

Source: Hiper Textual

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