Mac and iPad have been so profitable for Apple this first quarter of the year that they have dominated their category.

January-March period was quite successful for Apple. In the first months of 2022, Apple broke sales records for all of its products, in addition to the iPhone 13 being the company’s best-selling mobile phone. This success looks set to repeat in other markets such as iPad and Mac.

Now there has been an external report mentioning this. iPad and Mac market dominating the world in their own categories. This report confirms Apple’s previously announced results.

Mac and iPad dominate their respective markets

A new report on the Canalys website shows that both the Mac and iPad are huge dominators of their respective markets. Despite Total sales of both Tablets and PCs fell 3% Compared to last year, Apple remains very strong financially.

iPad and Mac sales

iPad and Mac survive in a market with a lot of uncertainty

Despite the decline in shipments in the first quarter, the rebound of the tablet remains strong. The market has now posted eight consecutive quarters of shipping figures, higher than the fourth quarter of 2019 prior to the pandemic. Looking ahead, the market will face increased supply pressure due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the COVID-related lockdowns in China. Persistent demand for tablets from Q4 2021 was expected to extend into Q1 2022, but the supply situation is now likely to push delays into Q2.

When it comes to iPad, Apple fell 2% compared to last year15.2 million iPads were sold. Still, the bitten apple company outperforms its closest rivals as second-ranked Samsung sold 7.8 million tablets and is down 2% in the regular market.

The PC market was great for Applethis quarter, as it took the top spot by selling Lenovo. 22.3 million Macs, growing 1% to achieve 18.8% of the total PC market in the world. The closest competitors, Lenovo and HP, experienced a dramatic 15% decline in overall sales.

Tech markets slumped in salesWorking at home and school are no longer a necessity, mostly expected since the end of prison. However, Apple has managed to capture the market monopolized by Windows, as 50% of new Mac buyers have never owned a Mac before.

The Mac and iPad were known to gain value again, and now Apple dominates several key markets for the tech worldAs with tablets and PCs. We’ll see how sales go in the second quarter of the year, when Apple has already launched some interesting devices.

Source: i Padizate

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