Apple will sell fewer iPhones this year and the iPhone 16 will be blamed

According to Ming-Chi Kuo’s latest report, iPhone 16 does not look attractive at all for important news

iPhone 16 aims to be more of the same, will result in fewer sales

Ming-Chi Kuo was clear and accurate in his predictions regarding iPhone 16 news. Doesn’t expect “significant design changes” besides having AI-enabled apps or experiences As introduced by Samsung with the Galaxy S24. It is possible that the same trend will not work in Apple’s favor and therefore sales will not go well..

Current iPhones are not compatible with these 2024 trends

We can forget all the productive AI features on the iPhone 16. It is expected for iPhone 17 by 2025 at the earliest. According to the publication on Medium, Kuo thinks that productive artificial intelligence functions and foldable designs will come to the fore in 2024.

iPhone shipments may decrease in 2024, largely because there are currently no functions that come close to current trends. The first glimpse of AI may be at WWDC 2024, but so far there’s no credible rumor that proves it better than what Mark Gurman had to say about Siri.

A permanent iPhone 16 is expected in 2024

On the other hand, minimal changes are expected for the iPhone 16. There will be an increase in screen size in the Pro models, specifically 6.3 and 6.9 inches. A new “capture” button will be added, which will be directly related to actions taken with videos. The button will be sensitive to pressure and touch.

For example, You can swipe sideways to zoom in, focus with a light press, and start recording by pressing harder.. This would be fine for users with the best iPhone, namely the Pro Max, but for other users who have no interest in professional video shooting, this will be a bit indifferent.

Can Apple do anything compelling compared to the competition this year? We will wait for more rumors in this regard that will benefit the iPhone or just indications that support Apple is working on artificial intelligence for the iPhone.

Source: i Padizate

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