24 hours ago, few people knew that Jamaica water. And now it’s not that it has become the most famous drink in the world, but its fame has grown significantly after Isabel Preysler Be sure to take it every day for breakfast. Considering how well preserved this Spanish-Filipino VIP is, and taking into account that not everyone can or wants to afford cosmetic surgery, this drink, consisting mainly of hibiscus tea, this is a good place to start. It would not be strange if after his statements his consumption increased sharply. But it is for this reason that it is important to warn that it should not be taken by everyone. In particular, pregnant This could put them at serious risk.

This is something that has mostly been studied in studies on pregnant rats or very small studies on humans. However, given the strength of the results, there are plenty of reasons for pregnant women not to risk Jamaican waters.

It’s true that they are famous quite a lot of advantages, as Isabel Preysler rightly says. But none of them are intense enough to justify the risk for pregnant women. After childbirth has passed and, if possible, breastfeeding, hibiscus tea will not harm them. It would have been better to prevent it earlier.

What is Jamaican water?

Jamaican water, which Isabel Preysler loves so much, is a hibiscus tea drink that is drunk cold or hot in different parts of the world. It has a somewhat sour taste, similar to cranberries, which is why it is usually added. sugar.

In some countries other ingredients are added. For example, in Italy lemon juice is added, and in West Africa they are flavored with mint and ginger. This last ingredient is also added in Jamaica. There is usually no ideal time of year to drink hibiscus tea. However, in some places this is typical for Christmas. This applies to the Caribbean countries, as well as Panama, where cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg are added these days.

Why is hibiscus tea so beneficial?

Many people who drink Jamaican water do so because of its potential antioxidant, which can help prevent aging. In addition, some studies show that it is useful in reducing hypertension, especially in patients with type 2 diabetes. These studies were conducted on humans, and although more research is needed to confirm them, they indicate promising results.

For Isabel Preysler, of course, this is one of the keys to her appearance and good health. But we don’t know if he took it during his pregnancy. Perhaps she didn’t do it because it could have been dangerous for her.

Some studies suggest that Jamaican water may cause abortions. Photo: Anastasia Chepinskaya (Unsplash)

Why is the drink Isabelle Preysler loves dangerous for pregnant women?

In 2016, a study was conducted in which pregnant rats were given hibiscus extract to test its effects on their health and the health of their offspring. It was seen that, compared to those who did not take it, there was a higher proportion of their descendants affected by delayed puberty.

It may not be very serious. It depends on how long that delay is. But another study published in 2020 noticed something much more alarming. This time the research was conducted on humans, although for a different purpose. They analyzed hibiscus and papaya extract check its effect in the treatment of menstrual disorders. The study involved 30 women diagnosed with so-called oligomenorrhea. It has been found that hibiscus can actually help speed up menstruation. But this happened due to a number of hormonal changes that increase blood flow to the uterus and promote contractions. All this in a pregnant woman can cause premature birth and even abortions.

For this reason, although there is not enough research to support it, pregnant women have become discouraged from drinking Jamaican water. And, as we have said many times in HypertextNot everything natural is harmless. Before you start taking even a new infusion, it is advisable to find out about the effect of its ingredients. Especially if it’s something as concentrated as Jamaican water often is.

Source: Hiper Textual

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