Apple, like Spotify, allows its subscribers Apple Music Get a year’s worth of the most streamed songs, artists or albums; one that is known as Replay. But the company wanted to go even further. As it turned out EngadgetNow it’s possible see monthly summary of the most popular, including listening minutes and a new achievements section.

Apple Music in particular now allows you to find out through the Apple Music Replay website, how many minutes did we listen to each month?What artists we have reproduced more and what are our songs And albums listened most of all. All this with a corresponding top 5.

The monthly Apple Music Replay also features an achievements section. They reflect the number of minutes, artists and songs that were listened to during the month. compared to the same period of the previous monthand on which days we listened to the most songs or played with the most artists.

Apple Music also archives all this data. That is, These summaries can be accessed at any time., even if the month has expired. In fact, the Apple Music Replay website displays a tab for each month at the top of the page.

How to access the Apple Music monthly summary

To access the Apple Music monthly review, you need to go to the website that the company has provided for this and Sign in using your Apple ID. The platform will then generate relevant summaries and display them on cards, which you can download as images to later share on social media.

Currently only the January summary is available due to Statistics are compiled at the beginning of the next month. Thus, the February review will be available in early March and so on accordingly.

Sorry, Apple Music doesn’t offer any option to create a playlist with the most streamed songs of each month, as is the case with the yearly review. In addition, it is impossible to see content beyond the top 5.

The truth is that we can do this monthly report using any other third-party application, such as, which allows users to connect their Apple Music account to access history and collect data such as the number of times songs have been played. , etc. However, Apple’s version is much more accurate and has a more intuitive design, although the fact that This information can only be accessed via the Internet. This makes the user experience a little worse.

Source: Hiper Textual

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