The battery of the mobile phones that are part of the iPhone 15 series, longer useful life than originally anticipated Apple. This is what the manufacturer stated in an update published on Tuesday (20) on the brand’s support channel.

According to Apple, Next-generation iPhone batteries are designed to retain 80% of their original capacity for 500 full charge cycles. But the latest tests with the component showed double the previous estimate.

In other words, the mobile phone batteries in the series launched in September 2023 Can retain up to 80% of original capacity over 1,000 full cycles under ideal conditions. However, the company emphasizes that this capacity “depends on how the devices are used and charged regularly.”

The increase in useful life is due to: Improvements and component updates to the iOS power management systemAccording to Apple. The announcement anticipates the European Union’s new decision that will require mobile phones and tablets sold in the region to retain 80% of their battery capacity after 800 cycles, starting from June 2025.

Old iPhones Keep the Prediction

The battery life increase revealed by Apple is only for the latest generation models. Therefore, the improvement affects the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

For mobile phones released before 2023 80% battery capacity retention estimate continues after 500 full charge cycles. Despite this, the big tech said it would investigate the lifespan of the component in older versions and check whether the estimate needs to be revised.

You can check the battery status, the component’s year of manufacture, first use date, and number of cycles. Settings > Battery > Battery Health -most iPhone 15 with iOS 17.4 or later. In previous models, this much data was not available.

Source: Tec Mundo

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