Currently, the cell phone is almost an extension of the human body. People use it all day for work or fun.

With daily use, the cell phone battery gets discharged and many prefer to charge the device all night as it is their time to rest. But is it bad to do this? We’re telling you.

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As it is popularly said, Charging devices overnight harms battery life and therefore, Smartphones.

But experts have confirmed that this is just a myth, because Cell phones today contain lithium batteries.a chemical element The ability to endure such habits.

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Therefore, if leaves his cell phone charging all night, not bad and much less will have overload.

“To make it very simple, you should know that all Smartphones have a system that cuts off the electric charge input when the battery is fully charged.” xataka.

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Previously, cell phone batteries were made of nickel, an element that is damaged by prolonged contact with electricity.

Because, device lifetime is significantly reducedjust like batteries.


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