The Apple Car project, canceled after 10 years for various reasons, was “doomed” to failure due to the company’s high ambitions. At least that’s what Mark Gurman says. Bloombergwho in his latest newsletter explained how Apple started this project with the goal of competing with Tesla and increasing their revenue in a completely different way than how they started with the development of the rest of their products.

According to the above-mentioned media reports, Apple considered two possibilities when launching the Apple Car project. On the one hand, the bet is on an electric car with characteristics that will match Tesla cars, including an autonomous driving system that will be available only on some roads. On the other hand, a fully autonomous model where the driver does not need to touch the steering wheel to reach the destination.

The company decided to start with the second option to try to replicate the very successful formula of the Apple Watch and the rest of its products. Apple wanted to create the first Apple Car model without a steering wheel and with a level of autonomous driving. 5 – the highest – and which was also distinguished by its autonomy. This seems to be too many achievements for the first generation. “It’s like Apple tried to skip all the early iPhone models and go straight to the iPhone X,” he says. Bloomberg Name sources close to the matter.

Apple’s ambitions led to the failure of the Apple Car

Apple could have chosen a different path to develop and launch the first Apple Car: don’t bet on everything at once and focus on design and good system integration. Or, in other words, follow the steps the company took with its first iPhone model, which did without 3G networks; with the Apple Watch, which did not have features such as water resistance; or like the first generation iPod, which did not have a color screen.

Those ambitions led Apple to invest—and lose— million dollars to develop the Apple Car. The company also realized that the Apple Car would be “inevitably expensive” for its customers and that it would generate virtually no profit. Apple, however, was considering launching the Apple Car at a price of around $100,000, which would allow the company to generate million-dollar revenue even by selling a few units.

It seems that Apple realized too late all the difficulties of developing such an advanced Apple Car. In fact, the company would agree to give up some features and include, among other things, a lower level of autonomous driving.

Source: Hiper Textual

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