Apple Vision Pro engineers are now working on foldable iPhone

All engineers involved in the Apple Vision Pro project will now start working on Apple’s foldable device project.

As Apple continues to work on prototypes, concepts about what the foldable iPhone will be like continue to emerge.

It was clear that all this would happen after the upcoming release of Apple Vision Pro. a group of engineers would need to work on a new project. Now known thanks to the supply chain They are now working on a foldable iPhone project. Will your experience with Apple glasses be enough to complement the launch of the foldable iPhone or iPad?

What is known about the foldable iPhone?

We have previously informed you about display suppliers, in this case Samsung and LG. They are constantly sending out foldable screen samples and their sizes are quite large at 7 to 8 inches. What was developed is still in doubtIf it is a foldable iPhone or iPad, the following Creating confusion between the rumors themselves and where they come from.

Foldable iPhone concept

Foldable iPhone may arrive in 2026

The difficulty of folding is something that worries Cupertino. It is known that Apple is working on prototypes that will solve the visible folding problem. A report had already ruled out the project and it was shelved.

Apple Vision Pro engineers are already working on foldable devices

According to Digitimes, Cupertino residents are preparing two folding devices. The main screen will be 8 inches and will have a 6-inch external display that can be used when folded. second device It would have an interesting feature, there was a possibility that it would folding left to right.

Foldable iPhone concept

Apple isn’t convinced about the quality of existing folding displays

Undoubtedly, this makes us think that Apple is working on the next generation of both iPhone and iPad. As long as they can solve the fold problem and the questionable panel quality. Apple engineers will have no problems considering the experience they already have in the development of Apple Vision ProA product that will continue to evolve.

The ones that will undergo a significant evolution will be iOS and iPadOS.. Apple will have to make an important decision in the future Which operating system will be applied?In addition It will be interesting to see if they rename the name or remain separate systems. A strong unknown to solve: Which foldable device will be released first, the foldable iPhone or the iPad? There may also be a joint publication.

Source: i Padizate

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