Apple has finally given in. The Cupertino company just announced that will allow you to repair your iPhone using used parts. The process will begin this fall, likely after the iPhone 16 and its involvement in this new system become known.

The company opens its doors use of used spare parts and spare parts covered by its calibration system. You no longer need to mount a screen from another iPhone and see a notification in the system about a non-original element. Now third-party repairers and users themselves will be able to the ability to repair your iPhone more easily and economically.

In the statement you can read that this system will be available only to some selected iPhone models. At the moment, it is unknown how many devices Apple wants to integrate into this new system, so we will have to wait to see which models and which do not allow the use of used parts.

Can be repaired with used spare parts

Until now, if you wanted to use the DIY or DIY program, you had to provide your iPhone ID, request a new part from Apple, and wait for it to be delivered to your home. Company, before sending you a new component, I registered it under your iPhone serial number so that when installed it is perceived as its own element. After repair, this one appeared in the system as a 100% original and functional part.

Now, with support for used parts, Apple is revolutionizing that operation. From autumn you will be able buy used components, install them on your iPhone – if it is compatible – and that they are considered 100% compatible original parts. The company has indicated that calibration of the part that is the pairing system with your iPhone will be done once it is installed. That is, for a work to be registered as original, There is no longer a need to buy it from Apple.

According to the company, its teams have been working for a long time to ensure that details such as Face ID or Touch ID can be used for repairs if they have had a different owner in the past. Screens, sensors, batteries and pretty much everything other than the motherboard also come into the equation. As expected, Apple did not include this important component to avoid compromising the privacy and security of personal data.

To sum up, we can say that this new system allows you to give life to all damaged iPhones that still have useful parts left in them. Until now, this was also possible, but when an iPhone detected a used component, it was impossible to calibrate it, and the system warned about the inclusion of a non-original element.

Strong hand with stolen iPhone

So, will the parts of stolen iPhones also be calibrated as original and valid? No. Absolutely not. Apple has made this very clear: If you are using a part from an iPhone that was locked due to theft, it cannot be calibrated as original and functional.. If it’s a screen or sensor, it will most likely work, but the system will almost certainly mark it as a non-original component.

Thus market for spare parts for stolen devices will remain the same as until now. He will not receive any benefit from the new repair system, although he will not tolerate serious failures on the part of the company. In this sense, everything remains the same.

Source: Hiper Textual

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