Scientists at Harvard are reacting to a new nanostructure that is tethered. This allows such a material to guide a laser that directs the beam to burn through steel. In the short term, the technology may form the basis of protective armor against combat laser S.I.

implementation, the authors of the development were engaged in innovative etching methods, they sought to obtain results that arouse interest in nanoscale relief. Such products are necessary for the study of methods of experimental optics and communications. When the ion burner tool was created, the scientists decided to use it to make an ideal reflective material, for which they engraved a diamond plate.

diamond mirror

Pastina has a value of p, Cheny deliberately aims for a reflectance of 98.9%, because reaching 99.9999 would have been impossible for them. The mirror did not receive any damage.

One of the advantages of a high quality mirror is that it is uniform. In conventional mirrors with a reflective coating, there is always a risk of making a defect. Now is not the time for weak systems, not a powerful laser, until it comes to such a mirror. A to k krn them.

Source: Tech Cult

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