Secret iPhone menu to help you convert any measurement

A little trick for your iPhone to cook the world’s most delicious and exquisite recipes

Text dropdown menu in iOS 17

Last week, we suggested an interesting iPhone trick that allows you to share screenshots on iPhone faster and more conveniently. Well, today we return to the fight New number for iPhone You will love this especially if you have a good hand in the kitchen.

Do you prefer recipe apps rather than apps used to order food at home? In this case, you are in the right place because in this little tutorial we will explain you a trick. enable a hidden iPhone menu to convert any type of measurement.

Ounce to gram, centimeter to inch, liter to deciliter, mile to kilometer… and even km/raw/hour. This trick will make any measurement conversion easier for you In a few seconds, something useful appears, especially in recipes.

A secret iPhone menu for converting measurements

They use this measure very widely in the United States glass (glass) or tea spoon (“teaspoon”), especially in baking recipes. In Europe, we are not used to these precautions and whenever we read something like this in the ingredients list of a recipe, we start to get nervous.

There are several methods to convert a unit of measurement from iPhone. You can use search Agendayou can use Googledownload a measurement conversion app or just ask siri.

What if we told you that there is a very simple solution to convert these units of measurement with a few taps on the iPhone screen?

All you have to do is choose a unit of measurement and take a look at this Drop down menu What appears on the screen is iOS 17. Yep, that little floating menu you normally use to copy and paste. You can try it right here with this unit of measurement: 100 ml.

To deceive

A really useful iPhone trick in many situations

By selecting the measurement you can: Click the right arrow (>) and check out this secret menu too Shows the conversion of 100 ml to litres, centiliters and even cubic centimeters.

Best of all? It works with everything. Kilometers, miles, glassgram, ounce, inch, euro…

Now we know that, for example, “2 glass“ 47.32 cl and 100 km/h is approximately 27 m/s.

It is obvious that this useful trick for iPhone will solve many of your doubts. Hopefully Apple will add this hidden menu back to iOS 18, along with some improvements like the option to customize the order of the buttons.

Source: i Padizate

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