He said Apple’s actions to charge a 30 percent commission and influence pricing were only possible because of the company’s monopoly. Additionally, one of the main complaints is that users cannot be offered products outside of the digital App Store for Apple devices.

The antitrust lawsuit is worth 785 million pounds, or $979 million, and alleges that Apple’s monopoly control of the iPhone app market has allowed the company to charge “improper” commissions on app sales. And since Apple has complete control over the apps, it can set any conditions and charge any fee.

The hearing in this case was suspended for a period of time to consider a motion to dismiss the developers’ claim. However, in the end, the court decided to allow the case to continue.

“The fees Apple charges app developers are exorbitant and only possible because of its monopoly on app distribution on iPhones and iPads. These fees are inherently unfair and constitute abusive pricing practices,” said Sean Ennis.

Source: Ferra

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