macOS 15 will have a revolutionary new Calculator app

Apple will announce all new features of macOS 15 at WWDC in June 2024

Apple will redesign the Calculator app

Apple will hold its 2024 Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10, and during its main event, the company is expected to announce big news for macOS 15. The next software update for Mac will include artificial intelligence and new features for Apple Maps. completely redesigned Calculator app.

Apple’s software engineering team has been working on Calculator’s most significant update for years, and the release features included in the first beta versions of macOS 15 more advanced features and improvements to the unit conversion system.

Does this mean the Calculator app will eventually come to the iPad? Who knows!

MacOS 15 calculator will have new advanced features

We recently discovered that iOS 18 will have a Notes app packed with new features, and now we’ve learned via Apple Insider that Apple will do the same for the Calculator app in macOS 15. This is just a theory, it could mean that it will also get new features in iOS 18 and will eventually come to iPadOS 18.

New details on the subject were leaked massive redesign In the new version of Calculator for macOS 15. According to people familiar with the project, the Calculator app is codenamed “Gray Parrot”A species of African parrot widely known for its intelligence and cognitive abilities.

Therefore, the macOS 15 Calculator application is expected to include this application as well. news about artificial intelligence and other advanced features designed to make it a more powerful application.

All rumored new features for Calculator in macOS 15

It is believed that Calculator’s integration with the Notes application will feature a history with mathematical notes and a sidebar that will show all previously performed operations. This sidebar will provide faster access to previous calculations To avoid having to repeat several actions or take notes.

This history of mathematical operations can be found here: a new button that can be found in the upper left area User interface of the Calculator application.


Sidebar with history of math operations

But the most interesting innovation will be in its overall design. Apple plans to completely revamp the calculator’s look with more rounded buttons Same as in the iOS version and with darker tones. It is also said that the app will finally allow resizing its size, something that was not possible until now.

In summary, here are all the new features of Calculator in MacOS 15:

  • Integration with Notes application.
  • History of mathematical operations.
  • Improvements to the unit conversion system.
  • Application window size has been resized.

Apple will announce all new software iOS 18, iPadOS 18, tvOS 18, macOS 15, watchOS 11 andvizyonOS 2 During the main event of WWDC 2024 on June 10. We will provide comprehensive coverage of the event on iPadizate so you don’t miss a single detail.

Source: i Padizate

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