At the Nevinnomyssk Technological Institute (a branch of NCFU), a robot guide for people with disabilities was created, which received machine vision and learned, using artificial intelligence algorithms, to analyze the received data and lead to appropriate treatment for the “owner”.

The robot is made in a movable six-wheeled design of a meter-high spaced chamber, sanitizing the surrounding environment, as well as a speaker for voicing notifications to the public. For this reason, it invalidates the robot’s “vest” itself (or vice versa).

Due to the use of the situation, clear obstacles arose. The robot has also learned to recognize certain objects, information signs and texts – to the name of the product label.

New York is working on robotic cars II

In Norking, Panirut is making significant progress in its finances, for which it is necessary to invest in soldiers. In the case of potential robots, they are dismantled by government agencies, social services and relevant non-profit organizations. organizations.

Source: Tech Cult

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