What happened to iPhone Ultra?

We’ve been assuming for months that Apple would change the Pro Max surname to Ultra in its iPhone lineup, what happened to that idea?

Will we see an iPhone Ultra?

We’ve heard rumors of this possibility for a long time. Apple to launch iPhone Ultra. A new iPhone model that will be placed above the iPhone Pro Max or even replace it. This super high-end smartphone will have unique functions and cost much more; approximately 2,000 euros.

This issue was discussed about a year ago. Name change in Apple’s iPhone seriesMark Gurman reported that Apple may change the Pro Max surname and have the iPhone 15 Ultra. This important name change did not happen and eventually Apple released the iPhone 15 Pro Max that we all know.

Why do you use the surname Ultra?

Apple uses the Ultra surname on many of its products, specifically to describe the best of the best. A clear example of this Apple Watch Ultra, a much larger and more durable device than regular Apple Watches It unique functions designed for extreme athletes.

Another obvious example is Apple’s use of the surnames Pro, Max, and Ultra to refer to its M series chips. The surname Ultra is the name used to name the most powerful chip of every generation.

From here It might make sense to use this surname in the iPhone series.. Additionally, Apple has changed the iPhone’s “last name” many times; Not forgetting that this is a terminology that many of its competitors, such as Samsung, use with the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

User with Apple Watch Ultra on wrist

Apple Watch Ultra is an example of what Apple can do with its iPhone lineup

Will we see an iPhone Ultra?

In that case Gurman assured that this name change is something they are considering within Applebut it doesn’t seem to make much sense at this point. After all, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is almost identical to the iPhone 15 Pro in almost every aspect, the same materials, the same design, almost the same cameras, the same chip… There is nothing that differentiates it enough to change it. name.

If Apple launches a launch We should expect the iPhone Ultra to be a model with its own features and specifications, not a simple name change.. Additionally, the Pro Max surname has been in use since 2019 with the iPhone 11 Pro generation, a year before Apple started using the Max surname, which replaced Plus. This means users are used to and they know what that means.

Is it possible to see this name change with the iPhone 16 generation in 2024? This is a possibility. While we haven’t heard any rumors about it, it seems like last year’s failure has made all leakers more cautious. This year, the theoretical iPhone 16 Pro Max will expand to 6.9 inches, so this could be an opportunity for a name change.

Despite everything it seems Apple will continue to pursue the same strategy We’re launching two entry-level iPhones and two other iPhones with better specs that will be nearly identical except for size. If an iPhone Ultra is released it will probably rebranded iPhone 16 Pro MaxInstead of an additional model positioned above the Pro Max. They can be summoned iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max or iPhone 16 Pro and Ultrabut there won’t be much change between them, making any potential name change more about marketing than anything else.

Source: i Padizate

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