We continue to pick and study new Apple operating systems from WWDC 2022. After a few weeks of use, useful chips and changes were found.

To the point: 65 new features in iOS 16. All the most important features of the first beta version

Some of the options were noticed only during long-term use, and some of the Cupertinos were only added to the higher category of iOS 16 beta 2 for indoor use.

Screen lock

one. In the built-in widgets, there is a setting for the displayed information. To go to them, you need to set up the corresponding widget in the recipe, as is the case with information cards from the home screen.

2. Cupertino refused to have the required number of spare parts for the iPhone XS and iPhone XR. Previously, these gadgets did not receive the Astronomy block with five design options.

Here, for example, you can select the source of information displayed for the battery widget (smartphone, headset or quick switch), set the mode of the visible widget (determine the position manually or by geolocation), select the required calendar for upcoming events, etc.

3. In system settings Settings – Wallpaper there are more options to customize the screen on the home screen and lock screen. Now you do not need to reconfigure some moments from the locked screen.

four. The widget for managing screen closing has become more compact and moved to a larger part of the screen. The remote content control panel will look similar. Apple TV. The status bar on the widget is active with the ability to rewind.

5. New filters and color themes have been added to the portrait photo customization protocol. Some styles have received additional color settings.

6. Added a more visual and workaround mode for deleting unnecessary desktops. To remove the extra screen, you need to swipe up, as is the case with applications from the multitasking bar.

7. While customizing the desktop background, you can turn on image blurring for easy readability of application names. The only thing missing is a slider to adjust the degree of blur.

eight. During focus mode activation Dream the screen lock becomes less bright, the wallpaper turns off, and the banners become pale. By the way, this appearance is very similar to a possible feature of the iPhone 14 – Always on display.

9. For those who like more complex settings for the color of elements on the locked screen, in addition to the standard color selection menu, a familiar system selection mode has been added using a palette or pipette.

A photo

ten. It is possible to transfer the changes made from one snapshot to others. To do this, you need to edit the template image, select Copy corrections in the context menu, and then select the Paste corrections menu item on another file.

So you can quickly fix several photos using one template.

eleven. In the standard photo editor, a step-by-step undo was added. You can undo not only one action, but all previous ones. Unfortunately, there is no possibility of widespread distribution of changes yet.

12. While viewing any picture, you can quickly see Living text. To do this, you should linger anywhere and enter the data. A standard system menu appears for suggestions, songs, and other quick actions.

13. In the sharing menu, you can create a new note from photos or a screenshot.

fourteen. On the menu Share there are additional options for collecting photos. Before sharing, you can choose how you want to share: an included file or via iCloud Links. It will be convenient to collect data immediately after collecting user data.

fifteen. In the photo filtering options (the hotspot button was at high risk), you can now filter all files received from other users.

16. Template added in crop mode wallpaperwhich allows you to crop a photo for quick installation as a desktop wallpaper or lock screen.

System settings

17. The Apple ID account has a more visual display of subscriptions.

eighteen. In the settings, you can specify the method of group bannering on the smartphone’s lock screen. Alternative modes to choose from: quantity, stack and list (Settings – Notifications – Display as).

19. The Wi-Fi settings section allows you to view a list of all access points that you have connected to previously. To do this, click the button Change with access rights and log in with Face ID or Touch ID.

twenty. Introduced control point added the ability to randomly use to create a quick note. To activate the option, you need to follow the path Settings – Control Centers and drag a new topic Short note up.

21. In the settings, it was possible to disable the new button to call the search spotlight. display in iOS 16 shows in place of the desktops indicator, but the option turns off along the way Settings – Home Screen – Show on the Home Screen.

22. An option has been added that allows an external lock call to be called. The parameter is on the path Settings – Accessibility – Touch – Block, confirm call.

23. As a result of an iOS update, you can allow automatic installation of security apps. To do this, turn on the toggle switch. Installing System and Data Files along the way Settings – General – Software Update.


24. In the application Messages there is a menu to restore recently deleted chats. We have already stood here in more detail about the work of the chip.

25. When collecting pairs of SIM cards, it will be possible to filter chats for each of them.

26. Before sending a voice message to iMessage there was a possibility of fast rewinding with side swipes to listen to the recording before sending.

Other changes

27. Control Center more visually shows privacy options. You can quickly see which apps have recently used your GPS, camera, or microphone. To do this, just open the curtain with switches and check on the indicator on top.

28. The mode of compiling a test for photos and videos LiveText received a built-in currency and size converter. For example, you can take a photo of a price tag and quickly convert the price to another currency.

29. Now you can transfer eSIM from one smartphone to another. Now you can activate the built-in card not only with the help of a powerful QR code.

thirty. added to Safari, the video player received an updated interface and the ability to rewind with swipes or shift as far as possible to the right or left.

31. Activation button added during stop Living text. After viewing it, you can select any text on the screen and see the context menu for further work with it.

32. In the application Weather you can find information by monitoring any of the displayed blocks.

33. Utility Podcasts got a new couple of buttons: speed selection with a drop-down menu and activation of the sleep timer.

34. The Health app has more data in the user’s sleep tracking section.

35. During communication, you can choose which sensitive data to send.

36. Added new widget Dreamwhich resides on the iOS desktop in a compact form.

To the point: 10 new features in iOS 16 that won’t be released in the fall

Here are some minor points in the first study, but quite useful additions added in the latest update to the iOS 16 test version.

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