Virtual assistants like Alexa are gaining a place in more and more people’s homes, and there’s a reason for that. It can assist with a variety of daily tasks by obeying a wide range of commands.

If you have an Alexa and want to make the most of what it has to offer, here are some of the most useful commands so the virtual assistant can help you even more in your daily life. Check out!

1. Order on iFood

For most of us, the most practical way to order from iFood is to take out our smartphone, open the app and select the food you want. But you can avoid this whole process and just ask Alexa to do the job.

After giving the command “Alexa, open iFood”, All you have to do is specify the food you want and which restaurant it is at.or indicate that you want to repeat the last order.

Once confirmed, it is possible to track the delivery status and even know the expected time for it to arrive at your home.

2. Locate the smartphone

Let the one who has never lost his smartphone at home cast the first stone. This is a situation that many people have experienced at least once, and one of the commands given to Alexa is to pinpoint the exact location of the mobile device.

To use this feature, you must install the Phone Finder for Alexa skill as well as the Phone Finder for Alexa app on your smartphone. When these two features are installed, suffice it to say “Alexa, open Phone Finder and search for my phone” and let the virtual assistant do the rest.

3. Search

Here’s a function that many people don’t know Alexa can perform. For this to happen, the person you want to communicate with must have a virtual assistant or a speaker on their smartphone that uses the Alexa application.

Before giving the correct command, you need to import all your contacts into the Alexa app, as this is how the virtual assistant will handle the call. After completing this step, just say: “Alexa, call (person’s name)” and let AI do the rest for you.

4. Track the order

Alexa can be a great ally in many daily tasks.  (Source: Getty Images/Reproduction)

Online purchasing can automatically activate a trigger to check where a package is located several times a day. If you’re in this group, there’s another role a virtual assistant can help with.

By default, Alexa can evaluate the whereabouts of an order placed with Amazon if e-commerce account login is enabled on the device. But it can do the same thing on many other platforms.

After activating the ‘Where’s My Package’ skill, access Alexa, search for ‘Lists’ and then ‘Tasks’ to enter tracking codes. With this information in the system just give the command “Alexa, where is my package?” that you will bring this information.

5. Listen to e-books

If you don’t have much time to read your digital books, know that Alexa can help with that too. This way, you can focus on your tasks while he essentially turns your book into an audiobook.

However, before using this feature, you should take into account that the books must be in your Kindle library. Then open the Alexa app, sign in to your Amazon account, search for ‘Play’ and then specify ‘Kindle Library’. Finally, specify the device that will play the sound and enjoy reading.

6. Edit the schedule

A very useful function of Alexa is the option to edit your schedule.  (Source: Getty Images/Reproduction)

Who knows, Alexa could also turn into a secretary ready to remind you of your appointments. Apart from creating routines and scheduling events, it also gives you an alert so you don’t miss any important events.

When you want to access the calendar, just give the following command: “Alexa, my calendar” thus informing you about the next appointments on the agenda.

7. Play ambient sounds

Finally, the list of commands for Alexa also includes the option to play ambient sounds at certain times of the day. Do you want to sleep listening to the sound of the rain or the river? Just ask the virtual assistant and he will do the job.

To make this happen, you can say: “Alexa, start playing (and specify what you want)” or schedule it to perform this function at a specific time.

So do you know any other useful commands and want to share them with other readers? Just access our social networks and mention other ways to use Alexa. Also take the opportunity to read about 11 secret Alexa functions you need to know. To the next one!

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