He iPhone without buttons again became the protagonist of the latest leak about Apple. Rumors about this feature circulated for several weeks last year, but ultimately did not make it to the iPhone 15. Now, an order for components from Cupertino is again focusing attention on this possible feature. Economic Daily News reports that the company has requested a series of works closely related to removing buttons.

The specified order will include multiple units vibration system for tactile feedback. These parts will be responsible for the proposal Feedback when the user presses one of capacitive buttons that will replace the current buttons. According to the cited source, the iPhone will require two of these components: one on each side.

And idea A. iPhone without buttons This does not imply eliminating their functions, but rather leaving them behind physical buttons and change them to tactile zones similar to those you find on Bluetooth headphone panels, for example.

Why does Apple want to remove buttons?

The smartphone market has been obsessed with eliminating buttons for years. There are several companies that have done this in the past, but with, it must be said, very poor results. Tapping a button provides a more useful, accurate, and faster response than swiping the touchpad. something that no one has been able to radically change at the momentnot even Apple.

For years, several Android brands have released buttonless devices with the main goal of making them more modern and sophisticated. The reality is that all of them, without exception, left this idea aside.

Now this change will not only happen upgrade current iPhones. This is a very good way to make your device more waterproof. Replace buttons with capacitive tactile zones. eliminates several cracks through which water and dust can seep in. That is, it is a system that simplifies sealing, a feature that requires a lot of effort and money to develop.

Except, Apple needs to develop an efficient, useful and accurate method for tactile buttons., something that almost no one can boast of today. These systems typically have phantom keystrokes and do not allow for proper “button” placement when a person is not looking directly at the device.

This could be a test for iPhone 17

To think that this feature is being developed for the iPhone 16 is, in our opinion, too optimistic. There are about 4 months left until the announcement of the new generation, so it is likely that Apple worked on the final design for several weeks. Such a radical and sudden change seems to have no place in the company’s strategy.

However, it is possible that this test future devices. Apple may be starting to think about doing away with buttons on the iPhone, and this could be the first step towards a future 2025 or 2026 device. But of course, we may also encounter the same leak that happens every year around this time with the aim of bringing some confusion to the table.

Source: Hiper Textual

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