Xiaomi added more models to list of phones that will receive HyperOS. Following the global debut of Xiaomi 11, the new level of customization will also be offered on older models such as SMALL F3 5G. The decision surprised more than one, as no one expected this terminal to make the final list.

In accordance with XiaomiaddictsHe POCO F3 5G can now be upgraded to HyperOS through the My Pilot program. The version is available via global and European ROM versions (OS1.0.2.0.TKHMIXM and OS1.0.1.0.TKHEUXM). Owners of this model who have signed up for Xiaomi’s testing program will now have access to these versions.

The arrival of HyperOS in POCO F3 opens the door for other popular models such as POCO X3 NFC and POCO X3 Pro. It’s likely that Xiaomi will add them to the list, although nothing is confirmed at the moment.

The customization layer replacing MIUI has already been deployed on thirty devices since December 2023. Xiaomi continues to conduct tests via Mi Pilot on models that were not initially considered. Of course, the HyperOS update doesn’t guarantee that we’ll get Android 14.

What is HyperOS and what new features does it include?

HyperOS is the interface that will replace MIUI on Xiaomi smartphones starting with Xiaomi 14. Unlike its predecessor, HyperOS is more powerful and less heavythe size of which reaches 8.75 GB of mobile storage.

This new operating system, based on Android, retains the essence of MIUI, but with a more customizable interface. Users have greater freedom to customize the interface to their liking, from the location of the clock on the lock screen to the selection of widgets on the home screen. The customization layer also includes an updated Quick Settings and Shortcuts panel with a more intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Pre-installed applications in HyperOS have also been updated., with new buttons, elements and animations that improve the user experience. Xiaomi Gallery has also been updated with generative artificial intelligence functions, which allow, among other things, changing the background of images to a personalized one.

One of the attractive aspects of HyperOS is the presence HyperMind, an AI-powered intelligent assistant. HyperMind not only responds to voice commands, but also allows you to generate text, translate documents and much more, becoming an indispensable tool for users.

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