The appearance of emulators in the App Store will bring a lot of joy to the most nostalgic. Today we have good news for you if you have ever loved Sony’s portable console. Emulate PSP games on iPhone This was already possible with other applications, but now that PPSSPP available This is the best option for PlayStation Portable fans.

Over the years, PPSSPP has established itself as one of best PSP emulators for mobile devicesbecoming more stable and efficient when playing games on this console. It is now officially available on the App Store, completely free and without ads.

Installing it is extremely simple: you just need Search for “PPSSPP” in the App Store. or go directly to this link. Its interface is simple and the download only involves installing the emulator. Games or ROMs for PSP You will have to extract them using your own methods, although the application itself will tell you how to do this.

Once it’s installed on your iPhone, you just need to launch it to see a series of options on the screen and select the one you think is appropriate. If you want to get down to business, the best thing to do is download the ROM of your favorite game, save it in ISO format in your iPhone’s memory and tap “carry‘ in PPSSPP.

PPSSPP is the best way to emulate PSP games on iPhone.

Even though he special emulator which is only capable of working with one console, PPSSPP is worth it. This is a lightweight application designed for Get the most out of PSP games on your iPhone. Its stability is excellent and it has no problems. fall behind and the controls work perfectly.

Plus, games don’t even take a few seconds to load, so wait times are much lower than Sony’s own console. And, of course, in the graphic section you can configure a large number of options for improve performance on different iPhone models.


Now PPSSPP is missing something important that other emulators have: Bluetooth controller support. Touch controls, although highly customizable, offer a somewhat bittersweet experience, especially when we talk about PSP emulation and its tiny joystick.

As for the rest of the functions, it is without a doubt the most complete. There is a cheat section there, pluginspossibility of installation packages textures and a complex data saving system. PPSSPP is ideal for players who are just going to download a ROM and play a casual game, as well as for users who want squeeze out all the options and configure it in an advanced way.

Source: Hiper Textual

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