From time to time in Netflix a staging appears that apparently won’t make much of a difference to the platform, but ends up being a success. The most recent case is diplomatic, a series that combines a political thriller with the details of a romantic comedy What is the novelty in this case? After the first season, it was confirmed that the series would have a second part.

Why is it relevant? In addition to being informative, for viewers who watched eight episodes of the first season, there is a curious detail: during the first week of the series on Netflix, after the premiere on April 20, it did not cause much excitement. This may have gone unnoticed by many users. However, this trend has been changing in recent days.

At the time of this writing diplomatic tops the top ten most watched projects on Netflix. This week has accumulated more than 66 million hours of playback.. Series to follow Sweet Tooth: Deer Boy, accumulates 48 million hours of playback on the platform. Judging by this, success in terms of views the first of those mentioned is undeniable.

diplomatic I’m betting on a second season

These are the stars of the Netflix production Keri Russell. She plays Kate Wyler, an ambassador with a prestigious track record. A no lesser challenge is added to his career: to represent USA V Afghanistan. While preparing for this destination, he is informed of a significant change: he will be transferred to the United Kingdom. What is the essence of this decision? A terrorist plot, as well as the influence of her husband Hal, played by Rufus Sewell.

The Diplomat / The Diplomat Netflix

This is how they planted diplomatic on Netflix. The story and staging was enough to get thousands of people on the platform. In turn, success in terms of views and hours of playback resulted in the following. In a platform statement streaming confirmed that there will be a second season.

Included in the Netflix statement is a short statement by Keri Russell:

I’m excited to be back for another round of this smart show.. Dare I say it’s funny? Thank you Netflix for giving us another chance.”

Keri Russell, via Netflix.

It is quite likely that diplomatic stay on top of the Netflix Top 10 for a while longer. Meanwhile, there are no details yet on the production process or a possible premiere date for the second season.

Source: Hiper Textual

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