Carl Pei, the founder of Nothing, confirmed the rumors about the processor of the phone (1), which will be officially announced on July 12th. The firm, which has been revealing little details about the terminal for months, only said that Qualcomm will be in charge of producing this SoC, but didn’t reveal more details about it. Until now. Whoever co-founded OnePlus revealed that the model that will include the company’s first mobile phone is Snapdragon 778+a chip designed for mid-range smartphones, and so put this curious transparent device in that category.

Pei confirmed the processor model in an interview with the magazine Entranceclaiming that this SoC has different advantages compared to other high-end models such as the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 for example. One of the reasons is that this chip is compatible with wireless charging and reverse chargingfeatures that have so far been exclusively available in Qualcomm’s most powerful chips, and which the company has already confirmed will appear in Nothing Phone (1).

Snapdragon 778+ optionalIt has very good energy efficiency, according to Pei, which can help extend battery life. Not forgetting, on the other hand, that it is cheaper than other Qualcomm flagship models. It can also help bring down the price of the Nothing phone (1).

However Snapdragon 778+ It has the same specifications as its predecessor Snapdragon 778. That is, it has an eight-core CPU and GPU Adreno 642L, as well as a modem for 5G networks. The difference in this case is compatibility with wireless charging and reverse charging.

The Nothing phone (1) could come with a 120Hz screen, 50MP camera, and more.

In addition to the processor model, a recent leak revealed some of the main features that will appear in this phone (1) out of thin air. The terminal, in particular, may arrive with 6.55″ panel with 120Hz refresh rate. It will also include a 50-resolution dual main camera, a 16-megapixel front camera, as well as a 45,000 mAh battery with 45W fast charging and, as we already mentioned, wireless charging.

However, Nothing Phone (1) promises to stand out with its design. The terminal will have a transparent back panel which also includes an LED light system. They light up in different situations. These include when you receive a notification or a call, when you charge your smartphone, etc., and they are fully configurable through the system settings.

Source: Hiper Textual

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