There’s a secret in the iPad Pro’s M4 chip that Apple isn’t telling anyone

They discovered a new function of the M4 chip for iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro has a hidden function

The launch of the 2024 iPad Pro series led to the discovery of: Many surprises, many of which were not even presented during the official announcement from the new Apple tablets. One of these surprises is found in the M4 chip and was revealed recently.

Looks like Apple got involved New functionality in iPad Pro’s M4 chip this had been kept secret until now. Specifically, this is a privacy feature regarding the microphone and camera.

Apple has always been considered one of the technology companies that cares most about the privacy of its users. This new function of the M4 chip is a clear example of this.

New privacy feature of the M4 chip

Apple M4 chip

M4 chip is more powerful than we thought

This interesting innovation of the M4 chip was discovered and shared by Guilherme Rambo on Mastodon and consists of: security improvement for camera and microphone indicators.

Residual mechanism Safe Indicator Light (SIL) For the first time, an Apple device is integrated into the hardware of the iPad Pro. connect this mechanism to hardware and it’s thanks to all the power of the M4 chip.

An indicator light will turn on when an app is using the iPad Pro’s microphone or camera. Like this, It will be much harder for an app or malware to access the microphone or camera Without the user’s permission and/or knowledge.


Orange LED indicator alerts you when the microphone sensor is in use

In reality, this functionality has been available on the iPhone for many years; With iOS 14, Apple came to the smartphone in the fall of 2020 and it consists of some features. green and orange light dots visible when using microphone or camera sensors.

However, the privacy function of the SIL mechanism until now it was available in software, not hardware. This means it is now much more reliable and a higher level of security.

Indicators in this feature will show users that an app is listening through the microphone or accessing camera feeds. All through hardware.

We continue to learn the new features of the 2024 iPad Pro series

We’re slowly unraveling all the hidden mysteries inside the 2024 iPad Pro, like the tandem OLED technology that combines its lights and makes it possible for the iPad Pro to have the best OLED display on the market. What more secrets will the hardware of the 2024 iPad Pro series keep?

We expect this new feature, pioneered by the iPad Pro’s M4 chip, to come to the iPhone 16 with A18 and/or A18 Pro chips. Many apps on the App Store take advantage of accepting camera and microphone access permissions Something that should not be legal at any time and is a clear intrusion into users’ privacy.

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