We have less than a week left until keynote address opening WWDC 2024, where artificial intelligence will play a leading role. New AI capabilities iOS 18 They will attract everyone’s attention, especially thanks to the integration agreement between Apple and OpenAI ChatGPT in the iPhone operating system.

New report from Mark Gurman Bloombergreveals some interesting details about why Apple chose ChatGPT as the first chatbot available in iOS 18. and not for Geminialternative developed by Google.

The well-known journalist claims that Cupertino residents are still maintaining an open dialogue with their Mountain View neighbors about connecting Gemini to their devices in the future. Apple’s intention would be offer several AI chatbots on iPhone. But ChatGPT has the honor of being the first.

Apparently, people led by Tim Cook believe that OpenAI has the best technology currently available in the field of generative AI. But they would also add it as the first strategic partner in this segment because the terms of the agreement would be better than what Google is offering.

However, there was another reason that would tip the balance in favor of ChatGPT in Gemini’s proposal. Gurman says Apple believes integrating Google technology into the iPhone will publicly admit that they defeated them – or at least they have gained a significant advantage – in an important but still new sector.

ChatGPT and new generative AI features in iOS 18 will be optional to use.

The choice of ChatGPT as the first chatbot integrated into iOS 18 was not taken lightly. Allegations against OpenAI for using personal data and copyrighted materials to train a chatbot would raise doubts among Apple executives.

They would also be pressured by the fear of having to provide access to users’ personal information or take actions that might affect their core focus on privacy. That’s why ChatGPT and other generative AI features are in iOS 18. will be entered in mode select in. That is, they will be disabled by default and users will have to manually enable them to use them on their iPhone.

If so, Apple delegates responsibility to its users for whether to consent to third-party services running on their devices. Likewise, the deal with OpenAI will give the company more room to continue developing its own AI chatbot. Thus, block participants will strive to ensure that their engineers polish the ChatGPT alternative as much as possible before integrating it into their products. This will allow them to save time and not be exposed to hallucinations and other problems present in currently available solutions.

Gurman also points out that Apple wants to use large language models in its nascent home robot project. This initiative gained momentum after the cancellation Apple Car and will seek to take advantage of some of its technological advances. However, it is unclear whether the OpenAI technology used today in ChatGPT can be implemented here.

Source: Hiper Textual

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