Manzana was going to announce password management app which will compete with 1Password. Known as Passwordsthe application will available on all your devices and will allow you to log in easily and securely. Users could use it to sign on the web and other applications.

Mark Gurman reports that Apple will announce its new password app during WWDC 2024. According to sources, Passwords will be able to store or generate secure passwords in iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS 15.. This will be an evolution of iCloud Keychain, based on this technology, but with new features for better management.

Journalist Bloomberg mentions that Passwords will be powered by iCloud Keychain and will support access keys.. Its features include a list of logins, categories to organize your passwords, a secure key generator, and an autofill feature. Also will support verification codes which we find in authentication applications.

Passwords This will be announced during WWDC 2024 on June 10, 2024.. The app will be compatible not only with iPhone, iPad or Mac, but also with Vision Pro, making working with Apple’s mixed reality glasses even easier.

Apple chooses 1Password and other password managers

The idea of ​​creating your own password app for Apple devices has come to the minds of many people. Especially in recent months, after 1Password has removed some useful features from its extensions. Although iCloud offers basic manager features such as autofill, two-step verification, or password generation, you need a dedicated app with a user-friendly interface.

An important detail to emerge from this report is that Passwords will have a Windows version. Cupertino residents plan to position this application on the Microsoft operating system in order to take market share from 1Password, LastPass and other managers.

Gurman doesn’t mention passwords in more detail, although it’s not unreasonable to think that Apple will launch this app as a subscription model. 1Password currently charges €2.65 per month for an individual account or €4.75 for a family account with support for 5 members. For its part, LastPass is pursuing similar plans, although it offers a free membership with questionable security.

Apple will also compete with Proton, which just announced the launch of Proton Pass for macOS and Linux. Password manager Offers offline mode with enhanced security based on Argon2, which provides access even when there is no Internet. Additionally, Proton Pass is compatible with Safari through a new standalone extension.

Source: Hiper Textual

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