The autonomy of the iPhone and Apple Watch will be multiplied by a battery with 100 times more energy density

A promising future lies ahead of us

The autonomy of the iPhone and Apple Watch will be multiplied by a battery with 100 times more energy density
TDK is an Apple supplier

Battery is probably one of the iPhone’s most important hardware components. Nothing is possible without a battery; It is responsible for providing energy to the remaining components of the device so that everything works perfectly. The batteries of the most advanced iPhone models at the moment autonomy ranging up to approximately 30 hours of video playbackBut this may change soon…

Technology is advancing rapidly and a mobile phone with a battery that lasts 100 days is already available. While that’s an exaggerated amount of time (imagine going three months without charging your smartphone’s battery), perhaps a middle ground would be ideal for a battery that can last a few weeks or a month.

This is the goal sought by the manufacturer TDK, which recently announced that they have succeeded in developing a material that enables manufacturing. Batteries with 100 times greater energy density. And guess what? It is an Apple supplier.

This new TDK technology could be aimed at smaller wearable devices

It is encouraging and hopeful to think that the iPhone battery can last for weeks thanks to the implementation of the new technology developed by TDK. But everything seems to indicate that These types of batteries will be specifically designed for smaller devices… Like Apple Watch.

It all fit perfectly with Apple’s strategy. A representative of the company said a year ago that the main goal of the Apple Watch was to increase energy efficiency and that they would achieve this by developing batteries with higher energy density.

TDK Corporation has successfully developed a material for CeraCharge, a next-generation battery with an energy density of 1,000 Wh/L, which is approximately 100 times greater than the energy density of TDK’s traditional battery.

The meaning of technology is Ideal solution for wearable devices such as Apple Watch or AirTag. Although the AirTag currently has a single-cell battery, European Union regulations require manufacturers to replace such batteries with rechargeable batteries.

However, if this technology is also implemented for Apple’s wearable devices, it will also reach the iPhone in the future.

Another Apple device that could use a higher energy density battery is the revolutionary new Apple Vision Pro. Apple’s space-age computer has a wired external battery that can be a bit of a pain to install.

Although we currently think of the iPhone as having weeks of battery life a dream that is hard to achieveThe truth is, ten years from now we’ll be laughing thinking about what we’re doing now using batteries that only last a day. A promising future awaits us.

While we wait for that to happen, it never hurts to use these 10 helpful tricks to extend your iPhone and iPad’s battery life and get the most out of our devices.

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