At the moment, SAMSUNG is the reference manufacturer in the folding screen smartphone market. Your gala models Galaxy Z Because the quality of Flip and Fold is excellent, they are the best there is. But the prices it currently has are prohibitive for many users and this is something they are considering changing.

In most cases, amounts in excess of 1,000 euros are something most people don’t want to assume – although the idea of ​​having a mobile phone with a folding screen grabs their attention. The idea in the mind of the Korean firm is to resort to the Galaxy A series, one of the most striking it has for traditional terminals. Thus, it would strike a significant blow, as it would bring devices that can be folded without problems, at a lower cost.

Great idea from Samsung

The truth is, if that happens, we’re talking about visions of a new folding phone and additional pressure for rivals like Xiaomi or Motorola (Apple hasn’t shown any signs of life in this segment at this time). Also, apply already known sub-brand -and with full models and attractive prices-, it is an excellent option as users will automatically recognize the terminals. That way, if a Samsung Galaxy A Fold goes on sale, no one will doubt that the phone will be cheap… but not poor quality either.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Phone


And how would this be achieved? In addition to lowering the power of key components such as the processor and RAM (I would leave the high range as part of the processor). my love, so you still have a good user experience, but not at a premium). Also, the skins wouldn’t be the same, and the folding screen—which makes sense to be similar to the Galaxy Z Flip’s— It wouldn’t have layers like Ultra Thin Glass to lower the cost. It’s all logical and completely understandable.

What would be the price of this fold?

Well, according to the source, the first folding Samsung Galaxy A, which will see the light by the end of 2023, will cost one million won. It seems like a lot, but instead we’re talking about about 770 euros. This is undoubtedly a high figure, but for many buyers it is much more attractive – there are not a few people who spend a similar amount on devices without this type of display. The truth is, this idea is good, because smartphones with foldable panels are an enduring reality.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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