Apple is already working on the next generation iPad and great news awaits us in 2025

They filter out identifiers for unreleased new iPad models

Apple is already working on the next generation iPad and great news awaits us in 2025
Apple is working on new iPad equipment

There has been speculation since the end of 2023 that Apple could refresh its entire fleet of iPad devices in 2024. Over the past few months, Apple has already updated its iPad Air and iPad Pro series with major innovations that will revolutionize the industry.

Apple recently introduced two iPad Air models with the M2 chip and two other iPad Pro devices with OLED technology and the M4 chip. The iPad series and iPad mini series still need to be refreshedBut the industry is already setting its sights on the next generation of 2025.

Next-generation iPad model specs leaked and many of them will arrive in 2025. A clear indication that the company led by Tim Cook has already started working on the development of new iPad devices that will surprise its customers.

New iPad series of 2025

Revelation New identifiers for new iPad models that Apple is working onShared on

For example, we see in the list: Four iPad Pro models with 11-inch and 13-inch screens equipped with M3 chipHowever, Apple decided to skip Apple Silicon processors this generation and the latest iPad Pros come with a powerful M4 chip to support Apple Intelligence artificial intelligence.

We found a total of 8 identifiers in the leaked list of iPad devices, which can actually be divided as follows: 4 different iPad models There are different processors in the A16 Bionic, A17 Bionic and M5 chips.

  • iPad13,20 – A14 Wi-Fi base model (scrapped)
  • iPad13,21 – A14 Cellular based model (scrapped)
  • iPad15.3 – M3 11 inch Pro Wi-Fi (scrapped)
  • iPad15.4 – M3 11-inch Pro Cellular (scrapped)
  • iPad15.5 – M3 13 inch Pro Wi-Fi (scrapped)
  • iPad15.6 – M3 13-inch Pro Cellular (scrapped)
  • iPad15.7 – A16 11th Generation iPad Wi-Fi
  • iPad15.8 – A16 11th Generation iPad Cellular
  • iPad16,1 – A17 iPad mini 7th Generation Wi-Fi
  • iPad16.2 – A17 iPad mini 7th Generation Cellular
  • iPad17.1 – M5 11 inch Pro Wi-Fi
  • iPad17.2 – M5 11 inch Pro Cellular
  • iPad17.3 – M5 13 inch Pro Wi-Fi
  • iPad17.4 – M5 13 inch Pro Cellular

For now, we do not know which iPad models will be introduced at the end of 2024 and in 2025. The A16 Bionic chip identifiers will belong to the 11th generation iPad, while the A17 Bionic chip identifiers will belong to the 7th generation iPad mini..

New iPad and iPad mini devices are likely to be introduced in the coming monthsHowever, we will still have to wait at least a year for the iPad Pro series with the M5 chip.

In other words, Apple announced a few weeks ago all the new software features the iPad would have, with an iPadOS 18 packed with new features for Messages, Photos, Safari, Control Center, and the introduction of artificial intelligence.

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