The eternal battle between Epic Games And Manzana added a new chapter today. Creators Fortnite This Friday they accused the residents of Cupertino of intentionally delay arrival Epic Games Store for iOS/iPadOS in Europe.

According to the Tim Sweeney-led company, Apple has failed the Epic Games Store twice during its notarization. It is worth remembering that anyone who wants to launch their own app stores for iPhone and iPad must go through the process provided by Cupertino.

In the case of the Epic Games Store, those in charge claim that the reasons Apple rejected it for iOS are as follows: “arbitrary and obstructive”. And they even consider them a violation of the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), so the European Commission may intervene in the case.

Why Apple Rejected Notarization of Epic Games Store on iPhone and iPad, According to Research Behind It Fortnite and Unreal Engine, those in the block say that The layout and button placement in the Epic Games Store interface is too similar to that of the App Store..

Here’s how the company stated it:

“Apple has twice rejected our Epic Games Store notarization, claiming that the design and placement of Epic’s Install button is too similar to Apple’s Get button, and that our In-App Purchases label is too similar to the App Store’s In-App Purchases label.”

We use the same Install and In-App Purchase naming conventions that are used in popular cross-platform app stores, and follow standard iOS app button conventions. “We’re just trying to create a store that’s easy for mobile users to understand, and disclosing in-app purchases is one of the best regulatory practices that all stores follow today.”

Epic Games

Apple Stops Epic Games Store Coming to iOS in Europe

Epic Games Store | Apple Stops Epic Games Store Coming to iOS in Europe | Fortnite

Epic Says Apple’s Reasons for Denying Epic Games Store Approval violate the Digital Markets Acthas already contacted the European Commission to express its concerns about the matter. Of course, EU regulators have yet to publicly comment on the allegations, nor has Apple.

“Unless there are further obstacles from Apple, we remain committed to launching the Epic Games Store and Fortnite for iOS in the EU in the coming months,” Tim Sweeney added.

The studio announced that it was being sent for notarization Fortnite and the Epic Games Store earlier this week. It seemed like the company had taken a major step toward achieving the long-awaited return of its products to Apple devices after years of legal battles. However, the soap opera is far from over.

Let’s see if the European Commission intervenes in this matter to determine whether there are reasons why Apple vetoed the store. are they legal or not. Authorities have already drawn attention to the Cupertino residents for canceling the Epic developer account in March. Regulators announced that they would question Apple, as its behavior may violate the Digital Markets Act. However, a few hours later, Tim Cook’s team reversed its decision to prevent further escalation.

In addition to iOS and iPadOS, Epic Games Plans to Launch Epic Games Store on Android This YearBut that’s not all, as the company also aims to offer its games on other third-party stores if they offer “great deals” to developers.

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