Apple just released iOS 18 beta 3 to all those users who dared to try the trial version. And how could it be otherwise, if there are updates, then they arrive improvements and new features. In addition to system optimization and bug fixes, there is a feature that, although not the announcement of the year, is added to the list of details of the new operating system as a useful and curious feature.

In fact, although it wasn’t announced with much fanfare, this feature is highly requested by Mac users. What is it? iOS 18 finally included this mode dynamic wallpaperone that changes color, tone or version throughout the day.

This detail, which has been available in MacOS for many years, has now appeared in the company’s mobile phones. Of course, it comes decaf. The feature on Apple computers is quite advanced and goes beyond a simple color change. The best example is wallpaper With Identical design for day and night visibility.

In the case of the iPhone, the first version of the function is simple: It only allows you to select a wallpaper and change its color throughout the day.. It may sound simple — and it is — but it gives the company’s devices the ability to vary wallpaper automatically every few hours.

Now it is likely that these dynamic wallpapers will evolve with the development of iOS 18. Perhaps in their final version which will be available in SeptemberIt supports switching between day and night views, which makes this feature so special in MacOS.

And if you don’t want to wait, you can install iOS 18 beta 3 and see how these dynamic wallpapers work. We already told you that they are not very expensive at the moment, but possible future updates may offer a great opportunity to customize your iPhone.

iOS 18
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More iOS 18 Beta 3 News

In addition to dynamic wallpapers, iOS 18 also brought a few new features to iPhones that were eager to upgrade. Continuing with the theme of customization, one of the most notable is the ability to Third-party app icons switch to dark mode automatically.

Network compatibility has also been expanded. RKSa messaging service much more advanced than SMS, which has been on Android for years and will finally appear on the iPhone in 2024. Now, until iOS 18 becomes the official operating system, this protocol will not be widely used among Apple mobile phones.

Finally, iPhone users who have updated and are using Apple TV will be able to take advantage of this feature. Understanding know names of actors who appear on screen while watching a TV series or a movie.

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