technology augmented reality and virtual reality is on its way rapidly. While it is true that virtual environments such as the metadata store do not work as they should, such devices offer much more functionality. We know Apple is working on its own glasses and even Google wants to surprise us with an AR/VR model.

Previous rumors indicated that Facebook’s parent company Meta is working on several new models of virtual reality glasses. Now, a new report, MetaQuest Pro, which is definitely the most vitaminized model.

What we know about Meta Quest Pro virtual reality glasses

According to Bloomberg, The developer who found a reference in the iOS app was Steve Moser. and where we can confirm the name of these virtual reality glasses.

Moreover, These Meta Quest Pro glasses are very similar to the model Apple is working on.. For this, Meta Quest will have a much higher processor than the glasses will wear, in addition to eye tracking, a better storage option and better image quality and external cameras to use these glasses in virtual reality. or augmented reality environments according to the user’s needs.

User with virtual reality glasses

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User with virtual reality glasses vault

Regarding the operation, like Apple Glass, it will have a built-in battery to be able to use these AR/VR glasses independently, you can use this gadget without worrying about possible cables. Even the price of this product has been revealed, which will be around $1000.

That’s a huge difference when compared to Apple glasses, as rumors suggest they’ll cost around 3,000 euros. The difference is probably related to the lenses used, as the company with the bitten apple wants to bet on MicroLED technology, which is much more expensive than OLED solutions but offers better sharpness in return.

Again It also makes sense for Meta to bet on selling this product even if it loses on every sale. to encourage the use of a technology that has a long way to go. All we can do now is wait until Meta officially presents its new augmented reality glasses.

But the idea of ​​being able to buy a pair of mixed reality glasses for $1,000 sounds very interesting. Big competition for Apple Glass from the maker of the bitten apple.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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