Villains in movies don’t use iPhones. this is the reason

Apple doesn’t want movie villains using iPhones, and for good reason.

by Ángel Roca for iPhone

It’s increasingly common to see Apple devices in TV shows and movies, and it’s even more common with Apple-manufactured devices. This is a form advertising used by many companies and now, in the specific case of Apple, we know a little more.

As he shared in an interview with director Rian Johnson Vanity FairApple makes their devices appear on stage seamlessly, and iPhones are the most popular. the company doesn’t want the bad guy to appear at the scene using an iPhone.

iPhone 12 Pro in hand

Only good guys are allowed to use iPhones

Bad guys can’t carry iPhones

Apple has always been known for its strong rules, you have to go through the hoop if you want to use their devices. According to the company itself, Apple products should only be viewed “best in the way, form, or context that positively reflects Apple products”. This is exactly what happens to the villains in movies.

Ryan Johnson

Director Rian Johnson revealed this secret

Another funny thing, I don’t know if I should say this or not… Not because it’s immoral or something, but because it’s going to blow me up in the next mystery movie I write, but forget it, I’m going to say it, very interesting.

Apple… they let you use iPhones in movies but and that’s very important, if you watch a mystery movie, the bad guys can’t have iPhones on camera..

So oh yooooooo every filmmaker who has a bad boy in their movie that needs to be a secret wants to kill me right now“.

While some movies or TV shows make it clear who the enemy is from the very beginning, not all are so obvious, especially if you’re watching a thriller or mystery movie. it’s important to keep the bad guy private until the big twist at the end of the movie.

sure this could be spoilers As a rule of thumb, when you’re watching this type of movie or TV show and you don’t know exactly who the villain is, If everyone but one uses an iPhone, you’ll already know who it is.. This theory has been on the table for years, with some arguing that only the good guys use a Mac, while the bad guys always have a PC. Now that this has been confirmed, Apple doesn’t want to associate its devices with bad guys.

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